Approach Slab Static Truck Testing

Last week static truck testing was conducted on instrumented approach slabs at the I-390 bridges over Arlington Heights Road and Prospect Avenue.  These bridges are part of the Elgin O’Hare Western Access project by the Illinois Tollway.  The Tollway has funded a research project, Investigation of Approach Slab Construction and Evaluation of Modular Approach Slab Designs, which is being led by Larry Fahnestock and Jim LaFave.  It focuses on approach slabs for integral abutment bridges (IABs), since they are being used extensively in new construction by the Tollway and premature cracking has been observed in approach slabs on Tollway IABs.  This project is using field monitoring and numerical simulations to study the problem and develop strategies for improved performance and extended service life.

Research Team Conducting Static Truck Testing on Approach Slab