All presentations at the conference were recorded and are available to view on the Facets of Noncommutative Geometry channel, hosted on the University of Illinois Media Space. Links to individual presentations are provided below.

Speaker: Gwyn Bellamy
Title: Birational geometry of quiver varieties

Speaker: Susan Sierra
Title: Blowing down noncommutative cubic surfaces

Speaker: Mee Seong Im
Title: One-dimensional topological quantum field theories with zero-dimensional defects and finite state automata
Accompanying slides are available at this link: Im_June_2022-UIUC

Speaker: David Nadler
Title: Functions on commuting stacks via mirror symmetry

Speaker: Travis Schedler
Title: D-modules and rings of differential operators in singular and noncommutative settings

Speaker: Yaping Yang
Title: Morava E-theories and quantum groups

Speaker: Toby Stafford
Title: Invariant holonomic systems for symmetric spaces