BTW Family Engineering Fair

Event Title: BTW Family Engineering Fair

Location: Booker T. Washington Elementary, Champaign, IL

Date: April 23rd, 2016

The Family Engineering Fair at Booker T. Washington (BTW) was a success! Over 400 students came to the event and participated in the variety of activities we helped set up. Thank you to all the volunteers from ENVISION and Pi Tau Sigma for all of the their help!

The students and their families cycled through various hands on activities located throughout the park behind BTW. We partnered with the faculty and PTA at BTW, the Douglass Branch of the Champaign Library, Champaign Park District, ASME, and Pi Tau Sigma.

There were various smaller activities located in the park behind BTW Elementary:

  • Gumdrop domes


  • Egg carton vinegar battery
  • Stomp rockets
  • Slime
  • Fog ring cannon
  • Oobleck kiddy pool


  • Mini ball run


  • Wind turbine kits
  • Elephant toothpaste



We also had 2 longer activities that students needed tickets for to participate:

  • 3D printing

20160423_140114 20160423_140129

  • Kaleidoscope Construction


To encourage students to participate in as many activities as possible, we created passports that the students would take around the fair with them. After completing an activity, the students would receive stamps. At the end of the fair, the students received prizes (such as gift cards to Jimmy Johns) depending on the number of stamps they had on the passports.


Read two great articles from I-STEM about the BTW Family Engineering Fair and our two co-founders here and here!

We hope to make this event even larger next year and open it up to the community!

LEGO Robotics at CPL

Event Title: Lego Robotics

Location: Champaign Public Library, Champaign, IL

Date: March 8th, 2016

Members of ENVISION brought LEGO Windstorm kits to Champaign Pubic Library to share a robotics activity with students from Edison Elementary. The students constructed LEGO Windstorm robots, and were able to develop a code to maneuver a robot around an obstacle course.


20160308_150831 20160308_150822 20160308_150111

3D Printing at King’s Elementary

Event Title: 3D Printing

Location: King’s Elementary, Urbana, IL

Date: February 23rd, 2016

Member of ENVISION visited King’s Elementary to demonstrate 3D printing to 4th grade students. Using light from a projector and inexpensive supplies, the students printed plastic R2D2 figurines layer by layer using a photoactive polymer and techniques developed from microstereo lithography. Learn more about the SLA method here.