I-STEM Live Symposium

In collaboration with the Principal Scholars Program (PSP), ENVISION hosted three hands-on breakout sessions at the I-STEM Live Conference. Over 40 middle school students from the Champaign-Urbana area came to Siebel Center and participated in three activities:

-Laser Obstacle Course: The students learned about light reflection by making an obstacle course with lasers and mirrors!


-Magnetic Slime: The students learned about polymers through making slime, and studied how adding iron oxide powder made the blob engulf magnets!


-Foldscopes and Bug Analysis: The students used Foldscopes (origami microscopes) to analyze crickets, mosquitoes, ticks and night crawlers!


Thank you to Dot Silverman and everyone at the CU Fab Lab who helped make the foldscopes!

Thank you to ENVISION members who volunteered and everyone in PSP who organized this amazing event!