SURGE Policies

SURGE Fellowship Funding Distribution

  • Year One:  Effective Fall 2020, SURGE Fellows receive a $25,000 full fellowship over 9 months (fall and spring terms).  Fellows must be registered as full-time students during the academic year.  
  • Years Two – Five:  SURGE Fellows receive a 50% assistantship appointment (either an RA, TA, or GA) from their home department, contingent on satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory performance in their assistantship.  Fellows also receive a $4,000 supplemental fellowship over 9 months (fall and spring terms) from the college. Fellows must be registered as full-time students during years 2-5 to be eligible for the $4,000 supplemental fellowship.

SURGE Fellowship Policies

  • Fellows must complete their SURGE paperwork each August with Diana Gonzalez in 401 Engineering Hall. Diana will email Fellows at the end of July reminding them to stop by her office to complete paperwork no later than the Friday before fall classes start. Fellows will not be paid their fellowship until this paperwork is completed.
  • Fellows must report to Diana Gonzalez any other fellowships or funding they receive that is outside of the RA, TA, or GA appointment given by the department. Effective Fall 2020, SURGE Fellows funding cannot exceed $34,000 per academic year.
  • The fellowship funding is only for the first 5-years of the fellow’s doctoral degree.  If funding is delayed a year due to other fellowships, funding cannot be extended for an additional year.  It must be used during the first 5 years.
  • Fellows must be registered as full-time students for fall and spring terms during their first year.  In years two through five, Fellows must be registered as full-time students for fall and spring term in order to receive the supplemental $4,000 fellowship.
  • Fellows must make satisfactory academic progress and perform satisfactorily in their assistantships to remain in the SURGE Fellowship program.
  • Fellows must inform Diana Gonzalez of any changes to their graduate student status.
  • Fellows that fail to inform Diana Gonzalez of any “Approved Leave of Absence” may lose their SURGE Fellowship funding.
  • If Fellows transfer to a different department within Grainger Engineering, they may lose their SURGE funding if the new department does not agree to the terms and conditions of the SURGE Fellowship.  Please contact Diana Gonzalez before making such a transfer. If Fellows transfer to a department outside of Grainger Engineering, they lose their SURGE fellowship.
  • Fellows are strongly encouraged to participate in all relevant networking activities arranged by the Grainger Engineering Graduate, Professional and Online Programs Office.