Volunteer Writing Opportunity (SARE)


The Illinois Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program at the University of Illinois is seeking a committed writing volunteer to tell a compelling story about a collaboration going on at Fowler Farm.  SARE, the Champaign-Urbana Schools foundation, teachers at the local public schools, and Hendrick House are working together to help local students learn about sustainable agriculture, genetics, water conservation, landscape architecture, and so much more. We’re looking for a storyteller who can convey the scope of this grant-funded project, from its humble origins to its grand plans. This story will be widely shared by all of the parties involved.  It will be distributed locally and on a state and national level to teachers, funders and those interested in agriculture education and local foods.

You can read more about this project here, and you can read more about SARE and Ann Swanson, Head of Hendrick House Farming Operations, halfway down this page.

If you are interested, please send a resume and a statement of interest to Mary Hosier, Project Manager at SARE (mhosier@illinois.edu) by 10/6/2018.

How to Conquer the Gies Business Career Fair as an English/CW Major (Updated for Fall 2018)

The Gies Business Career Fair is open to all majors, and many employers come hoping to meet majors from all over the university.

Bring your I-Card — it’s the only requirement for entry.

If you’re inclined to go, go! If you’re not whether “business” is for you, go. Talking to employers is a great way to find out more about what “business” careers are out there and how you might fit in. If you’re planning to to to the LAS & ACES Career Fair in October, going to the Gies fair is a great way to get familiar with the career fair format, so you go to the next one with even more confidence.

Prepare. Having a plan is the difference between a traumatizing career fair experience and a useful one. A little bit of preparation will show you that you are not only employable, but have choices about your employment. 

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The Business Career Fair for English/CW Majors: Management Training Programs

There are jobs for English/CW majors at campus career fairs. It helps to know what you’re looking for, though.

ONE option (there are others — we’ll get to those in future posts) that English/CW majors should know about: management development programs. Sometimes called “leadership development” or “rotational programs,” these opportunities involve a one- to two-year commitment to a mid-size to large company. During that time, the new employee rotates through several different departments, learning how different parts of the company operate, trying out different skill sets, and and getting the big picture that will eventually help him or her flourish in a particular role. Here’s a post about one English alumna who is in the midst of such a program at Cintas.

If all goes well, at the end of the program, the employee is hired into a permanent managerial role in whichever part of the company is the best fit.

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Law Internship, Hansford & Deckert

Hansford & Deckert LLP is a boutique, Chicago-based law firm. H&D was founded with the mission of bringing big-law competency to the client’s doorstep. We are looking for motivated interns with strong communication, writing, and research skills. Both of the firm’s founding partners are passionate about offering undergraduates the opportunity to obtain real exposure to the practice of law. Although students will work on projects for clients in the Chicago area, they will be based in the Champaign office and NOT expected to travel to Chicago.

Interns will be exposed to legal research (LexisAdvance) and ongoing client matters.  Additionally, interns will also be allowed to sit in on client meetings and participate in client engagement.

This internship requires enrollment (upon receipt of the internship) in ENGL 199-INT, the Internship Seminar: an online one-credit, eight-week class that meets in the second half of the fall semester. The internship will begin before the course does.

Application materials:

  • unofficial transcript: there is no GPA requirement
  • one-page writing sample: copy and paste one page of any recent writing sample of your choosing
  • cover letter: please provide a cover letter detailing your interest in a career in law

Website: www.law-hd.com.

Please send all application materials to jdeckert@law-hd.com by Friday, August 31, 5pm.