Internships all Around!

all the internshipsPAID internships at WILL-Illinois Public Media now available!  Deadline is Aug. 30.

Recently added unpaid on-campus opportunities include the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities and The Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

A number of internships offered through the Department of English (both paid and unpaid) have deadlines of Aug. 28 (Friday of the first week of classes).

Want to apply, but you’re not sure how to put together a resume?  The Career Center has some resources to help you get started, and there’s more advice here.

Interested in some of these opportunities, but not sure how an internship fits into your future?  Come talk to Kirstin Wilcox, Director of Internships, in the English Advising office! Call 333-4346 for an appointment.

[And just in case you’re curious about the earworm that produced the headline: Carole King sings “Alligators All Around” with animations by Maurice Sendak.]

Planning to Work this Fall?

get a jobIf finding a part-time job is on your to-do list when you return to campus in a few weeks, you can start now.  Don’t let it just be about the money.  The money matters, of course, but your part-time job can also be a way to get experience, develop your skills, and learn more about your professional strengths.