Which Career-Planning Course Should I Take?

AnneOdom(2)We didn’t put it on the bucket list, but you should still do it: take a course to help your career planning. The Department of English offers three, all of which have the same number, English 199. (Yes, it’s confusing–we’re working on that….).

For Fall 2016, here’s a quick guide to help you figure out which course you should take, complete with the numbers that will help you enroll in it.

ENGL 199 – CP2: Career Planning for Humanities Majors

  • Wednesdays, 5pm – 6:30pm. EB 131
  • Oct. 19 – Dec. 7 (second eight weeks)
  • One credit
  • Who should take it: Students at ANY stage of their studies in a word-centered “impractical” major like English or CW. Whether you’re a new student with no career plans or a graduating senior needing to find a job fast, this course will help move you towards your goals. You will learn to network, write an effective resume and cover letter, present yourself to potential employers, interview, and research potential careers,
  • How to register: use CRN 50105

ENGL 199 – MMM: Career and Internship Fair Prep

  • ONLINE Aug. 22 – Oct.14 (first eight weeks)
  • One Credit
  • Who should take it: Students at ANY stage of their studies who want to explore career possibilities and connect to potential employers by attending career fairs. This course is specifically designed to prep you for the LAS Internship Fair, which will take place Oct. 19, the week after the course has ended, but the skills you learn will be applicable to any career or internship fair, including the Illini Career and Internship Fair, the Business Career Fair, or the Arts and Culture Career Fair. You will learn to tailor your resume, research career fair opportunities, construct an effective elevator pitch, network, and use the career fair to advance your own goals.
  • How to register: use CRN 65563

ENGL 199 – INT: Internship Seminar

  • Thursdays, 3:30pm – 4:30pm. EB 131
  • Oct. 20 – Dec. 1 (second eight weeks)
  • One credit
  • Who should take it: Students who have located a fall semester internship for which they wish to receive academic credit. This course will help you weave your internship experience into your overall career path and help you speak and write effectively about the skills you have gained through your internship.
  • How to register: When you have lined up a fall semester internship, contact Kirstin Wilcox, Director of Internships, and she will make sure you are cleared to enroll in the course.



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