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“You smell employed. Will you please just rub yourself against me until I smell like that too? For a minute. Just a real quick sec.”

“Will you tell me, please, where they are storing the jobs? I know you have them. I can see them. Tell me where, please?”

“If I write you a thank-you note like everyone says I’m supposed to, will you do anything other than laugh at how pathetic it makes me look and throw it in the trash?”

Source: Questions To Ask During An Informational Interview – The Toast

Yes, if you want to be employed after graduation, you need to network.  Sometimes that involves informational interviewing.  Yes, it can be awkward, in EXACTLY the ways this article describes.  How to make it NOT horrible?

  1.  Have a plan.  No one is going to be more invested in your success than you are.
    • Know what you want to know.  The key is the word “informational.”  If you don’t actually to to learn anything this person can tell you, then why set up the meeting?
    • If seeking information is a pretext to form a relationship with this person and get him or her interested in your success, then admit that to yourself and figure out a strategy for creating that relationship.
  2. Research, research, research.  People love to talk about themselves.  Make it easy for them to do that by knowing the right questions to ask.

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