Global arts programming + sustainability + Krannert Center + paid internship

According to the Virtual Job Board, the Global Arts Performance Initiatives at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is seeking a paid student intern to provide production assistance for a series of sustainability-themed arts programs in the 2015-16 academic year. Responsibilities for this position include working with the director in coordinating production needs, publicity, social media, and outreach for related programs including a gallery exhibition and culminating celebration – Sonified Sustainability Festival.

No deadline specified, which means apply as soon as you can, because the position will probably be filled quickly.  Learn more here.


There are a lot of internships available on campus that don’t come directly to the Director of Internships for the English Department, but that nonetheless provide opportunities for English department majors to get relevant professional experience.  We post as many of these as we find on the Internships page, but some other sources for finding out about internship opportunities include


A number of internships specifically available to Department of English majors have deadlines Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 5pm (the day after this holiday weekend): a number of academic and literary journals (American Literary History, Configurations, the Journal of English and Germanic Philology, the Medieval Globe, Ninth Letter), the Odyssey Project, Smile Politely, and the College of Education. Find details on the Internships page.

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