ENG 598 – Teaching & Leadership

Spring 2023 Course Syllabus

To provide just-in-time information for GTAs for their teaching duties, the first half of the course covers topics in teaching  and pedagogies while the second half focuses on leadership development. Presenters vary weekly to expose GTAs to a variety of teaching styles and organization methods.

Current Sessions

Course Introduction and Interacting with Students

Graduate TA Panel

Office Hours (Bloom’s Taxonomy: Reprise)

Academic Integrity

General Rubric Design

Active Learning

Informal Early Feedback

Growth Mindset

Clifton Strengths


Leadership & Cognitive Diversity

Student Motivation

Supporting Students’ Mental Health

Course Wrap-up and Poster Session

Past Sessions

Classroom Presence (Techniques from Theater)

Intermediate Bloom’s Taxonomy

Evaluate Student Writing

Technical Communication

Diversity Bonus

Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership Panel

Applied Leadership Skills

Mental Health & Imposter Syndrome