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Do you want to lose weight?

EMPOWER is a nutrition program that will guide you on your food choices and behaviors with the goal of maintaining weight loss and improving health for a lifetime.

Our program does not include any dietary products or strict dietary restrictions. Instead, it will teach how to make informed decisions about food choices in order to establish a sustainable diet.

EMPOWER utilizes extensive nutrition coaching to help you achieve weight loss of 1 lb or more weekly.

EMPOWER Components:

  • 6 months of online education and extensive nutrition coaching
  • Additional 6 months of support for weight maintenance or additional weight loss
  • 12 online educational sessions
  • 4 required in-person meetings
  • Daily weighing with a provided scale
  • Completion of food records, and surveys

Requirements to enroll:

  • 18 – 75 years old
  • BMI above 25
  • Not pregnant or lactating
  • Registered CCCHC patient
  • Willing to access the internet once per week

Interested? Questions? Email: fshn-empower@illinois-edu

If you want to get involved with the study, please complete the eligibility form here