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There are many varied definitions surrounding these issues. For the purpose of this conference, we working from these definitions and will accept abstracts on all these subjects.

emerging contaminants – contaminants which have appeared only recently

contaminants of emerging concerns – contaminants which may have been in the environment for a while but for which concerns have been raised much more recently

emerging issues – more traditional contaminants in which new facts or information shed a new perspective on the concerns of well-known villains

definitions from: Sauvé and Desrosiers, 2014

Conference Program

The traditional and lightning presentations given during conference sessions are based upon topic-appropriate, contributed submissions and not on invitations. There are no preset slots for specific topics.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is of LaSalle Canyon Waterfall in Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois, and was taken by the Michael Jeffords of the Illinois Natural History Survey, a part of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The north side of the state park is bound by the Illinois River – a highly modified river for navigation. The Illinois River is the confluence of the Chicago River, Des Plains River, Calumet River, and Kankakee River – all flow through highly urbanized, industrialized areas that have seen 100+ years of contamination. In Staved Rock we see the meeting of a supposedly pristine natural area with the highly modified environment of modern society. We hope this photo inspires your work to return our soil, water, and air to as close to its pre-urbanized/pre-industrialized state as possible.