Journalism Creates New History Everyday

Journalism changes today’s history. Journalism and History go hand and hand in multiple different ways. In Rodger Streitmatter’s “Mightier Than The Sword,” I agree with the idea that Journalist have an enormous role in shaping our history. Streitmatter says “THE NEWS MEDIA HAVE SHAPED AMERICAN HISTORY. ABSOLUTELY. Boldly. Profoundly.” Journalist have a way of putting words together and making it something bigger than themselves. They don’t just shape history but become part of history themselves.

A multitude of journalists leaves a mark on the world by the pieces they share and the work that they have done. Writers have the capability of displaying events in whichever way they wish to share it with the public. Credible news for historical events are a vital part of creating history and journalists are the creators of that. Journalism is an entirely separate world that is unique and a part of what makes history. These two subjects create and will continue to create history today.

COLUMN: Stop Making Opinions for Everyone

As I was reading and thinking more about journalism today and asked myself, “how is news being portrayed?”. I came across this online article by The State News. It is an opinion column about how “opinion is ruining journalism.” I understand this article as a journalist and agree with what Riley Murdock had to say.

“As journalists, our job is not to tell people what to think. Our job is to present the facts in an objective manner. If our job is done well enough, people are informed enough to make their own decisions based on what is indeed factual.” Is what Murdock states in the piece that was published. I think that this article says a lot of truth, and I believe journalists need to keep their opinions to personal pages, but when telling news, we need to let the public know the facts and let them decide for themselves what they think about the story that is going around in our everyday lives.


Media Dividing the Nation

The Trump administration bombing Syria is a largely controversial event tearing America in half.  This is largely due to the disconnect in information.  The media has the ability to skew the thoughts and opinions of Americans based on the information that they chose to show.  Depending on which news outlet was used, opinions could be favored for or against the attack.   Some people saw the attack as a move to show power and strength and threaten the Syrian government.  Others were able to recognize that the attack was to destroy a large supply of chemicals that were planning on being used for future attacks.  Syria had been warned numerous time by multiple different governments not to have chemical war fare.  After disregarding the messages, America took the move to attack this supply.

It has become extremely difficult to determine which media outlets are factual and which ones are presenting the whole story.  With today’s technology, many people receive their news through short videos stories posted on social media.  It is also amazing how different the same story can be told from news station to news station.  In my opinion, this inability to determine the full story is causing a greater divide in the nation.  There needs to be a better way for Americans to get the full news stories of what is happening in the world around them so that opinions can be formed on facts rather than from stories that are manipulated to make people think in the way that they want.

O’Reilly Removed from Fox News

Bill O’Reilly is ranked as one of the top hosts in the news industry. Sexual harassment allegations ended O’Reilly’s career just recently. Even though Bill O’Reilly is not a part of Fox News at this point, he stated that it was “tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims.

Through many trials and tribulations about all of these sexual harassment allegations, Fox has stood by O’Reilly the whole time. The comments that were made in this article are very private and want to keep the people that made these claims unknown. In my opinion, I believe that this article just gives the people that ended Bill O’Reilly’s career.

Alert: United Airlines Abrupt Removal

Sunday, April 9th, United Airlines overbooked flights going from Chicago O’Hare to Louisville, KY. To further work accommodations, United Airlines needed to get four crew members to the Louisville, KY base. The employees of United Airlines offered any of the passengers first $400 then $800, but none of the passengers wanted to lose their seat on the flight. To create the space, they needed the employees of United decided to randomly select four passengers on the computer to create room on the, but one of the passengers wouldn’t move.

USA Today said officials were told to remove him from the plane. The Chicago O’Hare Security ended up dragging him off the aircraft. Sources say the passenger being dragged off, a doctor, was refusing to get off the plane because he had to get home to tend to patients Monday morning.

Instead of offering the extra passenger money for compensation, United Airlines decided it was the best to just drag the unwilling individual down the middle on the plane and told him to get on a later flight.

United Airlines then put a statement out saying, “apologies for having to re-accommodate their customers.” Why not treat your paying customers with the accommodations they deserve the first time around? If they did, none of this would’ve happened.

Big Ten Championship Hosted at The State Farm Center

On April 6, The Daily Illini posted a story on the Men’s Gymnastics Big Ten Championship that is being hosted by our own Illinois men’s gymnastics team held at the State Farm Center. The Illinois men’s gymnastics is ranked second in the Big Ten.
The Big Ten Championship is one of the biggest meets for men’s gymnastics. The Illini have a great chance of winning it this year. They took third last year behind The Ohio State and Minnesota. The Illini are hoping to put up the biggest scores of their season this weekend as they take on their biggest rival, The Buckeyes that are currently ranked first in the Big Ten.
Will Gerard, the writer for the Daily Illini, put direct quotes from Senior, Matt Foster and Head Coach, Justin Springs. To get more information about this upcoming event, read more about it on the Daily Illini. Hyperlink posted below.

Illinois men’s gymnastics hosts Big Ten Championships

NBC Nightly News

What makes the news, news? Tonight was the first time I’ve watched NBC Nightly News. Lester Holt hosted this showing. The first story that was broadcasted in this was about President Donald Trump and North Korea. This first thing, in my opinion, was the value of conflict. If North Korea is testing a new rocket, we don’t know what is going to happen next which would be a huge conflict for us and U.S. population.
Another story that NBS shared was a story with the title of, “Murders Raise Alarm for Transgender Community.” This story would have a few values, and they would be, timeliness so we could do something about it now rather than later. Human interest because it affects not only this neighborhood but also people all over the country that are also transgender and lastly is would be impacted because of how much it would have a bearing on a whole group of individuals rather than just one.
The last story that Lester Holt talked about was a story about a tree. It brought together a whole community of people together to relate about one thing. This tree has given people hope, peace, and just a place where they can sit and think. This story value would have to be human interest and impact because it was affected a whole community and changed others’ lives and have become a tradition for some families. This story value is also proximity. The tree is because of where it’s located it could be near someone’s house and impact them.

Who is Lizzy LeDuc

Hey, guys, my name is Elizabeth LeDuc. I prefer to be called Lizzy over Elizabeth. In this post, I am supposed to tell everyone more about myself, so here I go. I come from a big family; I have four sisters and a brother. I am a middle child. I was born in California but raised in Texas. I have been doing gymnastics since I was seven. I am currently on the Women’s Gymnastics Team for The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I am 20 years old and a sophomore studying Advertising. I have been homeschooled my whole life except 3rd grade and 10th grade. I have been blessed to say that I have traveled all over the world thanks to the sport of gymnastics, and though at some points in my life growing up I thought I was missing out on the “normal” things in life, little did I know that people wished they had a life like mine. I am half Filipino and am a dual citizen of America and the Philippines. Before I came to college, I was on the Philippine National Team and competed in the South East Asian Games that were hosted in Singapore just months after I had surgery on both feet. My life has been full of surprises, some good and some not so good. I wouldn’t change one thing because everything I’ve gone through has made me the person I am today.