The Elder Law Journal Welcomes New Members

The Elder Law Journal would like to welcome the following new members: 

Katherine Arenas

Tamires Bastos

Rachael Bernal

Kathryn Campbell

Anna Corcoran

Melissa Deutschman

Natalie Ellis

Telma Erebor

Zihui Gu

Daniel Gutt

Ryan Harding

Yen-Fong Huang

Sarah Hyon

Yang Li

Zhiyuan Liu

Cameron Lythberg

Megan McKisson

Shaleen Morales Saldarriaga

Tatiana Oriaikhi

Aayushi Patel

Joseph Robinson

Audrey Thompson

Elaina Valtierra

Daniel Walbright


Stephanie Tang’s Article Highlighted in The Elder Law Professor Blog

The Elder Law Journal congratulates Journal Member Stephanie Tang whose article, When “Yes” Might Mean “No”: Standardizing State Criteria to Validate the Capacity to Consent to Sexual Activity for Elderly with Neurocognitive Disorders, was recently featured in the Elder Law Professor Blog. Stephanie’s article is featured in our current issue (Volume 2, Number 2 (2015)). Read Professor Pearson’s commentary on Stephanie’s article here.

Notes Accepted for Publication in 2015-2016

The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2015-2016: 

Best Note: Daniel Latona, Reversing Course: Strengthening Consumer Protections for Reverse Mortgages, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16). 

Ashley Altobella, “But I’m Not Dangerous, Judge, I Promise!”: Evaluating the Implications of Involuntary Civil Commitment Criteria and Outpatient Treatment Methods on the Elderly, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Kristen Chang, Shining the Light on Pearly Whites: Improving Oral Care for Elders in a Post-Affordable Care Act World, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Maureen Cleary, Driving with Dementia: The Necessity of a Comprehensive Reporting Scheme, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Allison Slocum, Dearly Departed, Dearly Needed, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Breanna Taylor, Drugging Grandma: The Severe Dangers of Chemically Restraining Nursing Home Residents with Potent Antipsychotic and Psychotropic Pharmaceuticals, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).