Resources to Prepare for Summer/Fall 20 Registration

Econ students, are you ready for summer and fall registration? We have LOTS of resources to help you decide which courses to take in this blog.

Our SUMMER 2020 Econ courses will all be offered online due to the coronavirus. We will be offering 102, 103, 198, 202, 203, 302, and 303. Find the full Summer 20 listing in Course Explorer here.  You can also use the resources under Fall below to explore these courses.

In terms of 400 level Econ electives, here is what will be offered this summer along with its track or focus area:

Econ 415: Environmental Economics (Micro)
Econ 420: International Economics (Macro)
Econ 437: Game Theory (Micro/Econometrics)
Econ 471: Intro to Applied Econometrics (Econometrics)

Preparing for Fall 2020 Registration
Not sure what to take this fall? You’re in the right place.

Review course descriptions. Here is a handout with descriptions of the Fall 2020 Econ Advanced Courses, along with which track or focus within Economics that each satisfies.

Watch the Econ 400 Night video. Did you miss Econ 400 night? No worries, we posted the video here. You can hear about the class directly from the professor teaching the course.

Review Econ class syllabi. We’ve posted Econ course syllabi so that you can explore them here.

Check the major/minor requirements by clicking on your major/minor worksheet below:

Run your Degree Audit (DARS) here to see where you stand.

Talk to an Econ Advisor about your course schedule and options. Click here to make an appointment.