Spring 21 Registration Guide for Econ Students

In this Guide you will find helpful links, tips, and resources for Spring 21 Registration.

When can you register? Your Time Ticket will allow you to register for both Winter and Spring during Priority Registration, which will be from November 30 to December 9.  Time tickets are allocated based on a variety of factors including credit hours completed and special group identification. Click here for more details on time ticket allocations for Spring 21 Priority Registration.

Before Registration

Prepare for registration by reviewing the Registration Checklist here.

Remove any financial or immunization holds, request instructor approval (if needed), or make sure that you meet the prerequisites for the classes you are planning to take.

Pre-plan your schedule. Using Enhanced Registration allows you to create your entire Course Plan (but note that creating a plan alone does NOT register you for classes. During your registration time you can then register from your created plan.) Click here to find out how.

During Registration

Get Drop-In Registration Help. Need a little help? We will offer drop-in Zoom registration help with Econ Ambassadors during the week of December 7–look for days and times in next week’s Econ Newsletter. Feel free to pop into the Zoom if you have any registration questions!

Look for Course Restrictions. Some courses–or certain sections of a course– may be restricted to certain groups, like students in that major, or may require junior or senior standing. These restrictions are all listed in Course Explorer. We recommend opening Course Explorer while you are registering in Student Self-Service so that you can see all restrictions.

Here’s a quick video  on how to find a  course’s restrictions:

Registration Errors–Why can’t I register for this section?

What does Closed Section or College Restriction mean? Check our list of Registration Errors here to find common errors and how to fix them.

All About Econ 400 Level Courses

Econ 400 level courses and topics
We offer a wide variety of 400 level Economics courses on topics ranging from labor, finance,  and law, to history, econometrics, and more.

Our Spring 2021 Econ 400 Handout here includes brief descriptions of every 400 level Econ course we offer in the spring term.

You can also watch the video of our Econ 400 Level Night here. Each professor presented a brief overview of their course.

How many?

We generally recommend taking no more than three Econ 400 level courses in one semester. This will allow sufficient time to focus on the workload of the courses without being overwhelmed.

Use the major planning sheets to review degree requirements:

Economics majors Use the BA Economics degree requirements worksheet here.

Econometrics & Quantitative Economics majors Use the BS Econometrics & Quantitative Economics degree requirements worksheet here.

CS + Economics majors Use the BS, Computer Science + Economics degree requirements worksheet here.

After Registration

Some courses outside of the Economics department may have restrictions that will be lifted after the date you register but before the first day of class. For example, Computer Science lists its course restrictions here. 

The last day to ADD a full semester course for Spring is February 5. The last day to DROP a full semester Spring course is March 19.  Find all Spring 2021 Academic Deadlines here.

Winter Term Registration
Winter term courses begin Dec. 21 and end Jan. 15. Undergraduate students can register for a maximum of one Winter term course.

The last day to ADD a Winter course is December 20. The last day to DROP a Winter course is January 3. Find all Winter 2020-21 Academic Deadlines here.

Other Registration Questions

How many hours can I register for? To maintain full-time student status, register for 12 to 18 credit hours.

Can I register for more than 18 hours?  The maximum hours you can register for on your own is 18. However, you can request an overload from the College of LAS if you would like to take more than 18 credit hours.  You can complete the Overload Request Form here.

I only need 9 more credits to graduate…can I take only those 9 hours?  Students can request an Underload from the College of LAS by completing the Underload request form here. (Make sure to select the correct form–one is for graduating seniors and the other is for non-graduating students.) Make sure that you understand the consequences of not being a full-time student–including any impact on tuition, fees, and student insurance (or access to a parent’s insurance coverage).

I’m graduating…How can I add myself to the graduation list? Graduating seniors need to tell the College of LAS that you are planning to graduate this term by adding yourself to the graduation list (also called the pending degree list) in Student Self-Service when you register for classes. Find more details here. Note: This step is completely separate from participation in any Commencement ceremonies. Stay tuned for additional developments about Commencement ceremonies. 

What is Supporting Coursework–and what should I take?
That depends on whether you are an Economics major or an Econometrics major. Either way, your Supporting Coursework must be approved by an Economics advisor and submitted by your advisor to LAS. Your Supporting Coursework will appear in your degree audit after it is submitted by your advisor to the College.

  • Economics majors take at least 18 hours of Supporting Coursework. These courses: Cannot be Economics, cannot be a General Education course, and 12 of the 18 hours must be 200 level or above. Most Econ majors use a minor or a second major, but Supporting Coursework could also be thematically related courses–such as a group of courses in different disciplines that are about healthcare, environment, gender studies, etc.
  • Econometrics & Quantitative Economics majors take 6 hours of quantitative Supporting Coursework.  For EQE majors, these courses must be preapproved quantitative courses such as Math, CS, or Stat.  They cannot be courses that are already required (such as Math 231, Stat 385). Not sure whether a course is quant? Ask an Econ Advisor to preapprove it for you.
  • CS + Econ majors do not have a Supporting Coursework requirement.



Accessing Your Online Courses

Wondering how to access your online classes?

You may get an email from your instructor(s) on or before the first day of class providing more details about how the class will be taught. Make sure that you are checking your @illinois.edu email.

Here at Illinois, we use two different learning platforms: Compass 2g and Moodle. Each course instructor will select which one to use for the course. You may have some courses in Moodle and others in Compass 2g.

On the first day of the fall semester (Monday August 24th) you will be able to log into Moodle and Compass 2g and see all the courses you are registered for that are using that platform. Within Compass 2g or Moodle you can access the class site to explore the syllabus for specific class details and due dates.

Compass 2g


Getting Started with Compass 2g guides: https://techservices.illinois.edu/services/illinois-compass-2g/illinois-compass-2g-training-resources-students



Moodle Student Help/Get Started Guide: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois.las/page.php?id=77679

The Illinois Remote website also has helpful links and information about online courses. https://remote.illinois.edu/student-resources/

If your class says “Arranged” and lists no specific date or time, then the class is asynchronous: No “live” set times when everyone in the course will be logged in together. You will be able to access these courses on the first day of the semester in Compass 2g or Moodle.

 If you add the class after August 22, you may need to email the instructor to be added to the class Moodle or Compass page.

Illinois Zoom. Make sure you also login and configure your Illinois Zoom account–your synchronous courses will probably use this. Note: You’ll need to use your Illinois zoom account, not a separate Zoom account that you may already have set up. https://illinois.zoom.us/


Fall 2020 ECON Course Announcements & FAQs

We know that students have important questions about how Fall 2020 Economics classes will be conducted. In order to help you plan for a successful fall semester, here are some answers to important Frequently Asked Questions.

What format will Economics classes take this Fall 2020?

Economics courses will be delivered in entirely in-person, entirely online, and hybrid formats (with some in-person and some online components). Online components may be offered either synchronously or asynchoronously.

What Economics classes will be available to take this Fall 2020? Will the Economics department be removing any fall courses?

All of the classes listed in Course Explorer for Fall 2020 will continue to be available, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Which course formats are set for Fall 2020 at the current time? 

The following courses and sections will be offered as completely online courses in Fall 2020:

  • ECON 102
  • ECON 103
  • ECON 198
  • ECON 202
  • ECON 203 *See note below
  • ECON 210
  • ECON 302
  • ECON 303
  • ECON 411
  • ECON 414
  • ECON 415
  • ECON 418
  • ECON 425
  • ECON 426
  • ECON 437
  • ECON 440
  • ECON 442
  • ECON 447
  • ECON 448
  • ECON 450
  • ECON 460
  • ECON 471
  • ECON 474
  • ECON 475
  • ECON 484
  • ECON 490, all sections

The following sections of these courses will be offered in either in-person or hybrid formats in Fall 2020:

  • ECON 203 * Some lab sections will be in person and others will be online. Individual section details will be reflected in Course Explorer by August 1.
  • ECON 402
  • ECON 420

Q: What about my other (non-Economics) courses…will they be online or in-person?

Each department is currently working on their own course offerings. The Economics Department does not have input into classes offered by other departments.

Q: How do I know if a course is going to be held in-person, online, or as a hybrid class with an in-person component?

Students will be able to view schedule updates to course formats beginning on August 1. The Registrar has posted details about how to determine the format of courses here: https://registrar.illinois.edu/registration/registration-process/revised-reg-fall-20/

Students can also search Course Explorer to find classes offered either online or on campus. https://courses.illinois.edu/search/form

Q: Will I need to re-register for my Economics course if it was originally in person and has switched to online?

It is unlikely that a format change such as from in-person to online will require students to re-register for a course. Class times will continue to be noted for in-person and synchronous online meetings.

Q: Will I have the option to change my fall courses?

Yes. Students will have the option to make changes to fall schedules in August. More details can also be found under the Academics FAQs here: https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/

Q: When will I be able to change my fall courses?

Registration was paused on July 11. Beginning on August 1, student schedules with modifications to your courses (such as the course changing from in-person to online) will be viewable. Students will be issued a new time ticket for August registration and will be able to make changes according to this new time ticket beginning on August 3. Revised fall time tickets will be issued according to the schedule posted by the Registrar here: https://registrar.illinois.edu/registration/registration-process/revised-reg-fall-20/

Q: Can I use the Credit/No Credit options offered during the Spring 2020 semester again this fall?

No. The University has indicated that the Credit/No Credit options from the spring semester are not continuing this fall. https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/

Q: When will the format of Spring 2021 classes be known? If I wait until Spring 2021, will I be able to take all of my Economics courses in person again?

Our highest priorities are helping you make successful progress towards your Economics degree while balancing health and safety considerations. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we do not have information at this time about what courses will be offered in spring, or in what format. You can get a general idea of the classes we typically offer in spring semesters by reviewing Course Explorer’s listings for Spring 2020 and 2019. We will know more about spring offerings later this fall and will make announcements when these details are confirmed.

Q: Can I talk with an advisor about my individual situation?

Of course. We will be offering expanded advising appointment times for Economics students during the new August registration period. We will send updates and announcements through your @illinois.edu as well as posting updates on our Econ Undergraduate Facebook page.

Q: If I don’t return to campus this fall but I am taking courses online at Illinois, will I still have access to Economics advising and career services throughout the semester?

Yes. We will continue to provide virtual appointments for both advising and Career Services to Illinois students who are not on campus this fall.

Q: What other options do students have for fall?

Illinois students have other options for the fall semester, including the following. Carefully consider which is right for your situation.

  • Delayed admission. Newly admitted students can delay their admission for one to two semesters by submitting a request to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by August 17. Note: If your delayed admission request is approved, you may not take classes at another college or university. For more information visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website here: https://admissions.illinois.edu/Apply/International/coronavirus#delay
  • Part-time status. The University will provide the option for students who are unable to return to campus to register as part-time students this fall. https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/ Note that international students must maintain full time registration to maintain immigration status.

Additional Resources

University Fall 2020 Instruction FAQ https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/

Undergraduate Admissions COVID-19 Updates https://admissions.illinois.edu/Apply/International/coronavirus#delay

Dean of Students https://odos.illinois.edu/community-of-care/student-assistance-center/

International Student and Scholar Services COVID-19 Updates https://isss.illinois.edu/updates/coronavirus.html



Fall 2020 Details

The Economics Undergraduate Team is happy to continue advising and supporting all of our undergrads this fall! The Economics department is currently creating plans for fall instruction with the guidance of campus and the College of LAS.

We expect to have more detail in the coming weeks about any updates to class formats, location, or scheduling. Right now the best source of information about fall is the campus FAQ page https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/.

We will share further updates as they become available…stay tuned!

Email issue affecting Illinois students & how to resolve it

2nd UPDATE: This email was sent to affected students and can be found at https://emails.illinois.edu/newsletter/9026454.html

If you are currently using your University Google Apps @ Illinois Gmail account (or forwarding emails to a personal address), you may have missed University emails sent to you since Friday, April 17. 

Over the weekend, Technology Services updated your Microsoft O365 license, and an unintended change was that aExchange (Outlook) Online mailbox was created for you. Some University emails from facultyadvisors, and other staff may have been redirected to that Exchange mailbox instead of your normal email account 

Technology Services is currently implementing a solution this evening, but it may not take effect for you until tomorrow. Please log in to https://outlook.office.com with your NetID@illinois.edu and NetID password to check for any missed emails.

Once the solution has been implemented for all affected students, we will send you a follow-up email. 

We apologize for the inconvenience to those affected, especially during this busy time. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at consult@illinois.edu. 

UPDATE: Here is a message from Technology Services about how to access missing emails:

Technology services recently updated the Microsoft 365 license applied to student accounts. For some students, the new licenses created an Exchange Online mailbox. This may be in addition to mailboxes that were provisioned in Google apps @ Illinois. For students that wish to continue using their Google mailbox, you should login to Exchange online and check for any messages that may have been delivered there. Then review our KB article (https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois/47608) that explains how to set-up email forwarding and make any necessary changes. For students that want to use the Exchange mailbox, please review our KB article (https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois/47593) that explains how to update your email redirection settings.

For additional updates visit https://status.uillinois.edu/SystemStatus/jsp/current_events.jsp

We are aware of an email issue preventing some students from receiving the emails we send with Zoom links for advising appointments. Campus is working on a resolution.

In the meantime, when making an Econ Advising appointment, please leave your phone number whether you are choosing a phone or Zoom appointment. That way, if you are unable to receive our emailed Zoom link, then we can still call you at your appointment time.

If you have already scheduled a Zoom appointment but have not received a link, then please email the advisor your phone number. Staff members ARE able to receive emails.

Resources to Prepare for Summer/Fall 20 Registration

Econ students, are you ready for summer and fall registration? We have LOTS of resources to help you decide which courses to take in this blog.

Our SUMMER 2020 Econ courses will all be offered online due to the coronavirus. We will be offering 102, 103, 198, 202, 203, 302, and 303. Find the full Summer 20 listing in Course Explorer here.  You can also use the resources under Fall below to explore these courses.

In terms of 400 level Econ electives, here is what will be offered this summer along with its track or focus area:

Econ 415: Environmental Economics (Micro)
Econ 420: International Economics (Macro)
Econ 437: Game Theory (Micro/Econometrics)
Econ 471: Intro to Applied Econometrics (Econometrics)

Preparing for Fall 2020 Registration
Not sure what to take this fall? You’re in the right place.

Review course descriptions. Here is a handout with descriptions of the Fall 2020 Econ Advanced Courses, along with which track or focus within Economics that each satisfies.

Watch the Econ 400 Night video. Did you miss Econ 400 night? No worries, we posted the video here. You can hear about the class directly from the professor teaching the course.

Review Econ class syllabi. We’ve posted Econ course syllabi so that you can explore them here.

Check the major/minor requirements by clicking on your major/minor worksheet below:

Run your Degree Audit (DARS) here to see where you stand.

Talk to an Econ Advisor about your course schedule and options. Click here to make an appointment.

What to Know About Credit/No Credit

UPDATE 4/30/20: The University has extended the deadline to either elect CR/NC or to drop a semester course to May 6. Find the new details and deadlines here

The University has issued new guidelines for Credit/No Credit in light of the Coronavirus situation. This blog will cover: New Credit/No Credit options, how to elect Credit/No Credit, and what to know if you are considering this option. 

New Credit/No Credit Options and Deadline

Credit/No credit is now an option for most courses (unless they will be graded Pass/No pass) because the University of Illinois has decided to accept Credit towards courses that count toward a major, minor, or General Education requirements this semester. Find University of Illinois academic policies for Spring 2020 here.

The deadline to elect credit/no credit or to drop a course has also been extended to May 6.

How to elect Credit/No Credit

LAS has updated the Credit/No Credit form as of April 3. You can find and submit your form here.  You will only need to submit one form for all of the classes for which you elect Credit/No Credit.

When filling out your Credit/No Credit form:  You can submit multiple classes on one form. Please take care to identify the class(es) correctly, including the CRN.

Processing times: The Economics department is processing Credit/No Credit forms for our majors within one business day (Mon-Fri). Then it goes to LAS for processing. You will receive a confirmation from LAS after your request is processed at the college level.  Please allow at least 3 business days before emailing about the status of your request.

What to know about Credit/No Credit

First, you will want to carefully assess your performance in the class so far.  Make sure that your calculation of your performance is correct–you may want to double check with the instructor, because it’s easy to make a mistake here. If you elect Credit/No Credit, then you must achieve a C- or better in the class to get Credit. Anything lower will earn No Credit.

LAS has posted these helpful FAQs outlining various CR/NC scenarios.

Electing Credit/No Credit can have unexpected consequences, so you will want to consider this option carefully. For example:

  • Many graduate programs will consider No Credit as an “F” and will factor it into your GPA as such. (For example, you can see how the Law School Admission Council will factor a No Credit as an “F” into a law school applicant’s GPA here.) If you think graduate school is in your future, then contact a few different graduate programs and ask about how they view Credit or No Credit on a transcript.
  • Employers will be able to see the Credit/No Credit on a transcript and may prefer candidates with strong GPAs in relevant coursework over those with Credits in those classes.
  • Having no GPA for the semester (as a result of taking all courses for Credit) could impact many things, including: honors status, Dean’s List, probation status, scholarships requiring a minimum GPA, etc. Check into these to understand how Credit/No Credit will impact your individual scenario before making a final decision. These posted FAQs covers most of these topics.

How will earning Credit in my Spring 2020 classes affect my ability to declare an Economics/Econometrics/CS+ Econ major?

Each of our three majors requires a minimum GPA in relevant coursework in order to declare it.

LAS has posted updated requirements here for declaring majors, taking into consideration Spring 2020 Credit/No credit options.

Visit their website here for additional information about declaring an LAS major.





Econ Advising Appointments and Updates

Image result for we miss you

Econ students: We miss you! As the University of Illinois decides how to manage the COVID-19 disruptions, the Econ Undergraduate Advising office decided to start this blog so that we can connect with our students, keep you informed, and try to post the most recent information in one central place for you.

Here is what we know about THIS semester (Spring):

  • Advising appointments will continue throughout the semester via phone and Zoom. We are happy to meet with you about anything we can help with as you navigate this semester and beyond. Click here to make an appointment.
  • The drop deadline for this semester has now been extended to April 30.
  • Credit/No credit is now an option for most courses (unless they will be graded Pass/No pass). The deadline to elect credit/no credit has been extended to April 30.
  • The deadline to file intent to use Grade Replacement in a spring course has been extended to April 30.
  • Commencement has been postponed. We want to celebrate and acknowledge all of our 2020 grads and hope to know more in the coming weeks about how we can celebrate with you.

Updates on Summer and Fall registration:

  • Summer and Fall registration has been delayed by two weeks and will now begin on April 20.  (Time tickets will now be released on April 6).
  • Economics course options have been posted on Course Explorer. Click on Summer or Fall to view options for each.
  • At this time, we are offering both in person and online summer courses. We do not yet know whether all summer courses will be moved online. 

We will be posting updates as soon as we have them.

In the meantime, here are some resources for you:

  • LAS has posted updates and resources for students here.
  • The Counseling Center is offering phone appointments and other resources here.
  • You can still connect with Student Affairs, exercise for free, utilize the Counseling Center, and more here.
  • Have a little more free time now? It’s a great time to learn a new language, learn to code, or we have free access to LinkedIn Learning here.
  • Coursera is another great option to take free online courses on hundreds of different topics–some are even taught by Illinois faculty.
  • What’s going on with the economy?