Photos from various events during Ebertfest 19
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Assistant Festival Director Casey Ludwig at Gala Opening

Jimmy and Donnie Demers and friends at Gala Opening

Lunch with guest filmmakers

Talking film at Post-Festival Reception

Having fun at Mid-Festival party

Virginia Theater Audience

Mrs Killeen, Chaz and Ebert Fellows at Gala Opening

VIP Section of Virginia Theater

Gala Opening Piano Man

Dancers at Mid-Festival Party

Eating and Socializing at Post-Festival Reception

Chatting at Post-Festival Reception

Talking at Mid-Festival Party

Enjoying Other Guests at Mid-Festival Party

Wall to Wall People at Post-Festival Reception

Finding Solitude at Mid-Festival Party

A Serious Moment at Mid-Festival Party

Bonding at Mid-Festival Party

Dancing at Mid-Festival Party

Chaz Ebert With Sponsor at Gala Opening

Chaz, President and Mrs Killeen with Ebert fellows

U of I President Timothy Killeen at Gala Opening

Actor Hugh Dancy