Photos from various events during Ebertfest 21
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Ebertfest 21 Virginia Theatre marquee

Ellie & Doug Discussing Environmental Issues at Post-Festival Reception

Unwinding with new friends at Post-Festival Reception

Betsy and friends singing around piano at Post-Festival Reception

Don, Suzi, Ellie, a sponsor and Robin at Post-Festival Reception

Actresses Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly at Opening Gala

Polish actress Maja Komorowska with grandson (and interpreter) Jerzy at Opening Gala

Ebertfest director Nate Kohn at Opening Gala

Dressed to the nines at Opening Gala

Enjoying food and company at Opening Gala

Nate Kohn’s daughter, Clio, at Opening Gala

Film producer Sandra Schulberg at Opening Gala

Robert Jones, Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign at Opening Gala

Kevin and Sandra at VIP dinner

Ebertfest director Nate Kohn with film critic Michael Phillips at VIP lunch

Two friends enjoy dining with film critic Matt Fagerholm (right) at VIP dinner

Film critic Nell Minow and Peter Sobczynski at VIP dinner

Will and his friend with “The Curvy Critic” Carla Renata and Sonia at VIP dinner

Film guests, for “Amazing Grace”, Alan Elliott (left) and Tirrell Whittley (right) at Opening Gala

Scott and Megan at Post-Festival Reception

Guests at Post-Festival Reception

Jerzy, Kaitlyn, Maya, Heavenly, at Post-Festival Reception

The 3 amigos at Post-Festival Reception

3 Amigos waiting for start of film at Virginia Theatre

Julie Laut at Opening Gala

Assistant Festival Director, Andy Hall with members of Alloy Orchestra at Opening Gala

College of Media Dean Tracy Sulkin at Opening Gala

VIP’s at Opening Gala

Enthusiastic sponsor excited to be at Opening Gala

Daniel and Brenda at Opening Gala

Anne at Opening Gala

Film guest Alan Elliott performing impromptu piano set at Opening Gala

Joe at Opening Gala

Ray and Heavenly at VIP lunch

Waiting for the start of movie “Amazing Grace” at Virginia Theatre

Heavenly and Betsy at Opening Gala

Brand and Chaz have a moment at Opening Gala

Guests at Opening Gala

Guests at Opening Gala

Guests at Opening Gala

Scott at Opening Gala

Nell Minow at Virginia Theatre

VIP’s at Thursday dinner

VIP’s at Thursday dinner

Nick Allen of RogerEbert.com and critic Jennifer Merlin at Thursday dinner

Sponsors Kim Robeson, Ralph Senn and Mary Wraight enjoy Thursday’s VIP dinner

Sponsor and Julie Laut at Thursday dinner

Guests at Thursday dinner

Andy and Luke Boyce of Shatterglass Studios (foreground) share a table with director, Rita Coburn, and Lee Meltzer of NY PR firm PMK-BNC at Thursday dinner

VIP’s at Thursday dinner

Eric (center) and VIP’s at Thursday dinner

VIP’s at Thursday dinner

Anne (left), Joe and other VIP’s at Thursday dinner

Guests at Thursday dinner

Beloved volunteer, Carlo, welcoming Roger Ebert’s cousin at Virginia Theatre

Chillaxing at Mid Festival Party

FIlm guest Dominique and VIP at Mid Festival Party

VIP’s at Mid Festival Party

Anna and Karen at VIP Lunch

Guests at Virginia Theatre

Director Rita Coburn with Suzi (center) and Anne (right) at VIP dinner

VIP’s at VIP dinner

VIP’s at VIP dinner

VIP’s at VIP dinner

Guest at Virginia Theatre

Guest at VIP dinner

Shandra from sponsoring organization the Alliance for Inclusion and Respect

Miguel, Sam Fragoso’s dad, at VIP dinner

VIP’s at VIP dinner

VIP’s at VIP dinner

VIP’s at VIP dinner

Film maker/critic Sam Fragoso and critic Brian Tallerico at VIP dinner

VIP’s at Virginia Theatre

Assistant Festival director Andy Hall having fun with other guests at Post-Festival Reception

Gaming – the old fashioned way at Mid-Festival Party

Scott, Robin and Megan having fun at Mid-Festival Party

VIP’s at Virginia Theatre waiting for start of movie

Anne and Joe at VIP dinner