The United States and France express their support for the Transatlantic Friendship and Mobility Initiative promoting increased student and junior researcher mobility and exchanges. This initiative aims to double the number of U.S students going to France and the number of French students coming to the United States by 2025, and is endorsed by the Association of American Universities, the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, the Institute of International Education, and NAFSA: Association of International Educators. (



UIUC Presents at Transatlantic Friendship & Mobility Initiative: Second Bilateral Seminar

HPC: Fueling the government’s next-generation technology programs


The diverse program management team includes sociologist and African Studies Professor Ruby Mendenhall from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign will co-lead the program with Gaither. “I am very excited about working with the next generation of scholars who will used their technological expertise to help address inequality in U.S. society,” she said. “Our team is interdisciplinary, and we anticipate that the group dynamics will produce a wealth of innovative ideas. During the conference, we will encourage students to be creative and ‘dare greatly’ as they integrate social science data, data analytics and visualizations in ways that can transform our country.” (

The Forgotten Victims of Gun Violence


When children are killed by bullets, grieving parents are often the focus. Yet there are other vulnerable survivors: the young brothers and sisters left behind. Theirs is the untold story of this American tragedy.

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