The Flexible Array of Radars and Mesonets (FARM) consists of the DOW radars, mobile mesonets, mobile upper air sounding systems, disdrometers, and ruggedized deployable instrumentation Pods in service to the scientific community.

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BAMS Paper Describing FARM

FARM Updated Capabilities (including fully mobile mini-COW) 2023 AMS

FARM Future Capabilities (including S-band and Bistatic) 2022 ERAD

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Research Projects

FARM is engaged in research investigating tornadogenesis and structure as well as hurricane boundary layers and wind damage. The facility has also played a major role in dozens of major NSF research projects including RELAMPAGO, SNOWIE, PECAN, and VORTEX2. Click here for a list of publications in which DOW data have been used.

Education and Outreach

FARM is committed to community outreach as well as the advancement of radar meteorology education. Click here for a list of the educational projects in which the facility has been involved. Want the DOWs to show up at your school or community event? Click here to make a request.

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