Open-DoorThe metaphor I will use is a door. The title or second metaphor I refer to is “As a door closes, another door opens”. I would like to reference this metaphor as a process. An open door describes how the class started in the beginning of the semester with me having a fresh start and an open mind for new ideas. The start of class is like a door opening because it helps ease in the learning process of a learning community. Leaving the door open helps for new ideas to keep coming in to my mind and onto paper. This helps me finish anything or assignments in a strong and positive attitude. As the class comes to the end of the semester, the door tends to be open but closes slightly. This leaves the door half-way open to bring the opportunity to improve or adjust. The door being half-way closed can make you reflect on yourself and how your own grade in the class can make it or break it. When the class is finally done on the last day, the door closes. However, learning is a process and in the beginning with an open door, the mind was exercising to develop new skills to carry on in the future. That door may have closed for that class, but another will eventually open because learning is always a process and there is never enough of it. The door that is closed will soon open again once another class starts because the knowledge learned in the previous class is carried over to another. However the door in reality is always remained open because new opportunities to learn are always there in many different ways without you knowing or acknowledging it. As it is said, “Opportunity knocks” and it is always on your own open door. The main picture on the home page I chose best represtents me and my own life. The open doors are very tall and wide, which represent an extension of a variety of oppertunities waiting for me. There is a man standing in front of it who is fairly tall and wearing a suit. He seems to be a business man with many oppertunities waiting.