Prototype to Testing

Prototyping – Testing

This week my team “BCC Creations” made significant strides in creating our prototype for our security SMS alert system. We have programmed our raspberry pic computing chip , assembled the components such as the bread board and ultra motion sensor, and have started 3D printing our housing unit. Overall our prototype has one from an idea with design ideas, to a real physical and functioning product. As we are waiting for our housing unit to print, we have further thought out how exactly our the security sensor would assist our end user. This included adjusting the ultra motion sensor distance,editing the coded alert message to say exactly which door was detecting movement, and thinking about how we instruct end users on how far to Velcro there security system.

It is exciting to see an idea about a potential need, take form into a solution. We are definetly a far away from an ideal product, but even having components together that work is a step that we are ready to enter the testing phase. One thing I think is interesting for anyone 3D printing a product, we had to switch from Fusion 360 to tinker CAD. Ultimately we had a challenging time creating he security system housing unit using the Fusion 360 software. We were definetly close to finishing what we wanted, but ultimately for a simple rectangular housing unit, Tinker Cad provided a simpler way to make our creation a reality. Over the next week, it will be interesting to see what kind of feedback our product receives. Once it is put together, I think it simply solves the need of a cheap solution to assisting in home security for home and rooms for individuals. I completely expect our product to evolve and change, but at the present I think what we have is a simple cheap solution which at its core can have value to audiences such as college students.

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  1. Hi Carter,
    I loved your idea of making a Security system that sends text messages when it detects motion. I feel that it is a product that is in demand as a lot of crimes are happening these days and this is a good way to ensure safety. Many people (including me) forget to lock the door when they leave their apartment and this could be very helpful. I wish you and your team all the best for your product. Cannot wait to see it.

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