3d Scanning & Prototyping

This week in class, we able to be introduced to the idea of bringing physical/tangible product into their digital/cad model form. Kind of like the opposite of 3D printing where you already have the digital and turn that into something tangible. This concept being called 3D Scanning. Arielle Rausin came back this time around to teach us different ways of doing this and their applications. My team was not able to participate in making our own 3d scan but there was a limited to the number of scanners.

The way these work is that, athe scanner/camera takes pictures and combines them together as meshes, it is then uploaded through software like MeshMixer to be able to turn into a 3D cad model. Its      application include reverse engineering, duplicating, utilizing the interacts

To learn more about 3D scanning, click HERE.

This week in class we were able to continue working on our semester project.We were able to assemble the protoype for the fist prototype. then make a sample outer case to the the internal frames dimensions. Afer which we put the raspberry Pi components together and I fianlly got the camera to work this time around. Shown in pictures velow this. IMG_0134

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  1. Hi Taofik,

    Wow, the case for your project is pretty large. I have heard the news about raspberry Pi often times, but I did not use or play around it. I am really looking forward to the project and want to see how you can integrate raspberry Pi and 3D printing together.


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