This week we had a great time working with the people from Design For America. They planned a great workshop for us explaining the process of design. During the workshop four different scenarios were presented involving four individuals who were blind. Each individual struggled daily in different areas of their lives adapting to the world around them since it changes so often today. We then formed groups and had to choose one of the scenarios and create a design that would help them resolve their daily struggle. The group I was in chose Jessica who is an undergraduate and would like to experience the social side of college more.  Since tailgating and football games were one of the main events spoken about we decided to focus on that struggle. We then designed a cover for a cup so she could recognize which one was her cup. In addition to that, she would be the only one that could open to be able to drink from it. This way she was always sure her drinks were safe.

Doing this workshop made me rethink the process of design. It made me realize that design isn’t just about how an object looks. As it was mention in “Design Thinking”, design is about creating ideas not just trying to dress them up.  Like the firm IDEO does, design should be a method of “meeting people’s needs and desires in a technologically feasible way and strategically viable way.” In order to continue in the entrepreneur world and reach a larger target market, you have to think more thoroughly of what your customer actually needs. I think several of the designs I saw in class were great given the amount of time and constraints we had.

The way I see it is if I am learning about 3D printing, I should use that knowledge to create products to improve people’s daily lives and not just on simply item like a hook. This definitely helped steer me in the right direction on thinking about my future project. Now that I have a further understanding of what design is I will also be able to use it further on in my project in the early stages it is now.

Makers Mindset & First Print

This week’s reading of the “Makers Mindset” was quite interesting. It gave us a different perspective on how the way kids learn, how they can express those ideas and how it affects him/her in the work force. They mainly focused on two types of mindsets fixed and growth. Fixed mindsets think that they can’t develop or improve their capabilities while growth thinks otherwise. It made me start thinking about which side I fall under, and honestly I couldn’t figure it out. I love to be creative when it comes to art and crafts. However, I do have moments where I just can’t think outside and the box and think everything has been thought of already. I will most likely read the book now to get a better understanding.

Aside from all that though this week we finally dove into the world of 3D printing by printing our first objects! It took me more time than it probably should have to decide on what to print. I saw myself using a lot of the daily use objects around my home. I ended up choosing a cellphone holder because I always just throw my phone anywhere in my room!


After hearing the presentation about all the different types of printers and websites we can look at my mind began to wonder. I wondered what I could print that could solve some of my daily dilemmas, for example, my phone flying out of my cup holder in my car or a customized tray for all my jewelry so I don’t lose my earrings.  I ended up spending quite some time looking through all the websites and also wanting to learn how to actually make the designs for the 3D objects. It’s a lot of numbers because it is a 3D graph, but I do love a challenge!

Now going back to the objects I wanted to print last week. The first one that caught my eye was these Harry Potter themed bookmark, It looks great, it’s practical, and they have two different types depending on the thickness of the pages. I would only change the writing, instead of having the initials of HP I might have a short quote the deathly hollows symbol.

The second item I found was this cup holder with a spout where water can come out of, which can be used for drying utensils or holding toothbrushes. I thought it was a great idea especially for the toothbrushes because the regular holders keep the water and it looks all murky and dirty after a couple days.  I really loved the idea, but I am not a huge fan of the design shape. It looks too bulky for me I would give it a sleeker look.

The third item I found to my surprise is what I actually need which is a cellphone cup holder that is snug so my phone can’t move around. It’s a simple, custom made for an IPhone with a case and cord access. I would definitely have to change the design since first I have a different car so the size of the cup will differ and I own a Galaxy S5 instead of an IPhone 4.

The last item that I found that I would love to print is a laptop stand that I would customize for my Kindle Fire since it is a smaller scale. Sometimes when I’m reading at night I get tired of holding it and want to rest it on my bed but the angles usually don’t work. So it would be very useful, I think I would make it into various parts so I can actually change the angel it holds the kindle for best viewing.



3D Printing- Entering a New Era

I never really thought about 3D printing so much until last year when I heard about this class being offered. I sadly wasn’t able to sign up since it was already full. However, soon after I started hearing more about it. One of my friends actually posted on her Snapchat a video of her printing a bust of herself.  In the news they were talking about how it will revolutionize the medical field. Shortly after I saw that companies were building prototypes with 3D printers. The idea of being able to design an item and print it sounded crazy but fascinating at the same time to me. It would mean so many more entrepreneurial possibilities. I knew then that I needed to learn more about this technology if I wanted to pursue a career in product development. Especially if it was more cost effective for companies and made the design process quicker.

As Mr. Hornick mentioned to us, 3D printing will be a disruptive game changer to the world. It brings with it endless possibilities of creativity and design. I find this new revolution so interesting and I am so glad that I am able to partake in it. Although with it also comes complications including legal issues. Anyone can really own a 3D printer and once you come up with product what will stop the buyer from making their own. Entrepreneur’s can actually loose unless they find a way to stop it . There is still so much to look into for this new revolution and I can’t wait to learn more. I hope to be able to work more into creating items that people can use in their daily lives.