This post is here for easy navigation of my work over the past few months. For individual posts, see below. For my full blogroll, see here.

Getting started, and miscellaneous posts

“Hello World”, the maker community world

Beauty in Equations

Ready steady GO (expiriences in learning Fusion 360 CAD)

Getting going, lets 3D print!

Tying up a few ends (miscellaneous side projects)

“How to… ” Join me on my skills series

How to… Laser Cutting
How to… Arduino
How to… Soldering 
How to… 3D Scanning
How to… Engrave Glasses (semester post)

“Time…” A semester project

Part 1: Time for a semester project? (this post)

Part 2: Progress through time

Part 3: Tick tock goes the clock

Part 4: What’s in a face?

Part 5: Closing Time

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