Week 12 Semester Project Update: Better Late than Never

While I was very indecisive about what my final project would actually amount to, Abhiniti and I decided to move on with what she dubbed “project mood shirt”.

Essentially, this would read the temperature and humidity of the person wearing the shirt, and based upon the heat index of that level of temperature and humidity, light up a set LED on the shirt to indicate whether the person is too cold, normal, or overheated. One use of this may be to roughly and instantly monitor potential overheating during the summer or during exercise, or, in more severe cases, if a person is becoming too cold, for example during the winter, and is on the way to hypothermia.

Below is the video I took during the final stage of coding the shirt. While it was taken before most of my progress was made, it is essentially the entire circuit that will be sewn into the shirt.

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