Update on Semester Project

Last week we had the chance to work on our own projects for most of the class. This week has been a little hectic for me as I’ve switched projects and joined another group. I am now currently working with Anjali on her little robot. We will be using raspberry pie to complete the tech portion of our project. The little robot will be able to Speak out of its mouth, Videotape through its eyes and record though a mini microphone that we will be attaching somewhere. Currently I’m trying to decide what materials would work best to design the robot fast and efficiently. The robot will have a pretty big body to allow it to hold the raspberry pie board. Therefore we were thinking maybe we could laser cut all the larger parts of the robot and 3D printing a lot of the little part of the projects just so we can apply multiple things we learned this semester and apply it to our project to kind of come full circle.

As I just entered this project I am still working on the design of our robot and as of yesterday the design restrictions have changed so now the robot will most like have a large rectangular body and short and narrow head so the camera and microphone and properly fit inside of the robot. So im really excited to create a cute looking robot that fits these restrictions.

2 thoughts on “Update on Semester Project

  1. Hope it’s going well, Harina! Was it difficult to experiment with the raspberry pie? For our project we are using an arduino board because it was the easiest to access and we learned about them at the FabLab.

  2. Neat ideas, good luck with it! I’m similarly combining arduino devices with a laser cut outer body for my project 🙂

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