Week 11: Project Update

After the virtual tour of Indiana University’s Makerspace, we continued to work on our projects.

Glasses Project with Paige and Harina

For this week, we worked on remodeling the initial design we had. The initial design was not capable of remaining on the glasses without external pressure, and did not fit as well on most glasses.

With the new design, it was able to remain on the glasses and provide support to the glass when lying down.

Next week in class we should have the NinjaFlex and hopefully be able to test out a couple of prototypes in the lab to see what is the best fit.

Interchangeable Hooks

For my personal project, I finally had the base done! With the help of Reid, I was able to get a design for the wall attachment of the hook.

Now to get the base of the hook itself to fit with the wall attachment. The one I managed to get printed this week was a little too big for the wall attachment, and got stuck halfway through it.

Next week in class I will try again to adjust the size of the base hook and see if I can get it to fit, and start printing all the different attachments!

3 thoughts on “Week 11: Project Update

  1. I think your idea for interchangeable hooks is great! That would definitely help me around my desk because I have so many peripherals and cables that need organizing. I could definitely use some wall fittings to help with that.

  2. Hi Elaine, I actually can’t see any of the photos you posted. But your projects sounds really interesting and I definitely need one of those glasses!

  3. Elaine, your prototypes look awesome! Hopefully the Ninjaflex will allow you to be able to fit the design on to any pair of glasses making it a universal tool! If not, I would suggest finding the measurements of the most popular brands and seeing if you would be able to adapt the design to those specific fits. Otherwise, great progress!

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