Week 12

This week we focused on working on our final semester projects. It was great to hear the progress of everyone’s work and to see what great ideas people had come up with and are pursuing. Gwen’s heart still fascinates me with its complexity and attention to detail. While Anjali’s idea of an artificial intelligence mini-robot is something I couldn’t even fathom of creating, but the video of the little robot we watched gave me better insight as to what was hoping to be created. I also really liked the idea of a ukelele tuner, I didn’t even know a ukelele needed to be tuned (as I am not musically talented). Whereas the idea of an expanding/retracting cup holder is a great idea for everyday use.

As mentioned before, Harina, Elaine and I will be working on a project to make an insert between your head and your glasses for laying down comfortably while still being able to use your glasses. Elaine has made an awesome second prototype built off of my first one that has little slits that would allow for the piece to stay put more easily. She had made it with the hard plastic as the Ninja flex had not arrived yet.

We were thinking that for our next version (which we will hopefully be printed with the ninja flex material) we need to make the object more dense, as it would have more give due to its flexibility when being leaned against. We believe that increasing the density of the object will allow for more comfort while keeping your glasses in place. In addition to making it denser, we were wondering if instead of slits we should change the shape completely. The shape would be reformed from a hot dog-like shape to more of an egg with a hole through the middle. Of course it would still be ergonomically designed, but it will just take more testing. We will keep everyone updated on how these changes affects our project!

4 thoughts on “Week 12

  1. Hey Paige!

    Agreed, it was awesome listening to all of the progress reports from each group! We truly have a talented and innovative bunch in the Digital Making course. Since I’m part of the ukulele tuner group, I highly encourage you to pick up the instrument! I am not musically talented in the slightest, but it was fairly easy learning to play. Lastly, it seems like your project is going well. I look forward to seeing it and maybe even testing it out when it’s complete!

  2. Paige, its great to hear the prototyping portion of your project is going well. As a glasses owner I am interested in seeing where this project goes. Have you tested your prototype to fit multiple types of glasses? Could be an issue down the line if you intend on selling this product or making the design public for others to use.

  3. Paige, love the idea! I think that it is really great you are designing a solution for something in your everyday life. I didn’t even know this problem existed!

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