MessMixer and 3D Scans

On Monday we were able to learn about MessMixers and make 3D scans of our faces then use this technology to fix up and smooth out the 3D scan to make them even nicer looking than they already were. It was a really awesome thing to experience. The program was so easy and simple to use we were able to successfully create 3D images using both scanner. Ariella Rausin also came in and gave us a mini demo of MessMixer after some of us had already completely our scans and it was really fast and simple.  The IPad scanner I felt was a lot more user friendly compared to the desktop scanner and it might have been because in on we were moving the machine verses the persons moving and having the machine be at a standstill. Once I set up the equipment and was able to upload my 3D scans on to MessMixer edits it within 10-15 minutes. Which then was each unloadable into Cura.

While there seemed to be a lot of different things that we could use MessMixer for we as a class really only focused on one or two tools, therefore I’m really excited to kind go back into the programs and try out some more of the features and editing capabilities that the programs has to off. This is truly one of the favorite things about this class, getting to experience new software’s and programs every week and then giving us the ability to go off and expand our abilities on our own

IMG_0638IMG_0640 IMG_0641

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