Week 10 Reflection

This past class we had our final session in the Champaign FabLab. I got to work in the final station with Duncan and the lasers. With the lasers, we were able to print designs on notebooks, pieces of acrylic plastic, or even wood. I chose to make myself a name tag with a reference from Mean Girls that nobody understood. 2016-04-04 16.05.13

I actually do have a name tag for being a board member on the Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) Board that is wood cut by laser printing, and it’s really cool! I found this type of printing fascinating with how easy it was to make very cool looking and professional designs, espeecially for acrylic pieces. Despite the many safety precautions necessary to manage the printer, designing was easy!

Going forward, I now have a resource if I need to make very professional looking notebooks, name tags, wood designs, or acrylic pieces. I will not be using these tools for my final semester project, but learning how to use them helps me think about the maker concept even more.

Later in the week, I stopped by the MakerLab to print a prototype of my final project (glasses cushion for when you lay in bed with your glasses on). I think when I had transferred the design from Fusion360 to Cura I had accidentally scaled my design too small. We also did not have any of the flexible material I had planned to work with in the lab so I had to use the hard plastic. However my object somewhat works, but falls out of place easily. It also would be better if I had scaled it more properly. This is a part of the prototype process though, improving the design until it’s ready to be launched.

2 thoughts on “Week 10 Reflection

  1. How cool is it that you got to implement what you learned into your final project? Hopefully the scaling comes out better in the next iteration. As a fellow four-eyes, I’m excited to see how your project comes out!

  2. Loved the work Paige! I did this too, and I got to work with this too this week. Thought it was really cool and will really enjoy learning more soon!

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