Week 10 | Andrew Qu

This class session marked our final week in the Fab Lab. Previously, my group had worked with arduinos and laser cutters. Coming back to the Fab Lab was a breath of fresh air for me. It was a chance to get away from dull theory work in my other classes and a chance for me to work with my hands. This week the focus was on digital embroidery. Again, it was great to see how simple it was to get a working design from scratch to a real product on fabric. I started with a personally designed logo and quickly worked it through the SewArt software. After processing the stitches and removing excess colors, I brought it over to the embroidery station and set about stitching a patch together. After a short wait, I had a real embroidered patch, ready to be adhered any blank I had lying around, be it a hat or t-shirt or coach jacket.

Altogether the process was so simple I did a second patch and started a third. In experimenting with different textures and thread colors, I quickly realized the potential for the designs my partner and I in our brand were coming up with. It would be so easy to put a couple down as mockups to see how our lines would hold up in an embroidery process. Of course, with more professional manufacturing and printing, we could do much more, but the fact that I could do a mockup for less than 5 dollars and maybe 30-45 minutes was still amazing.

While this technology in itself may not have huge implications for the future or my final project, it’s true that the idea of transferring a design from the virtual realm into a real object is highly appealing to those who’d like to personalize their belongings or create other personalized mock ups to guard their IP. Such a technology can greatly benefit anyone with similar intentions, or creatives who would like to start their own brand.

2 thoughts on “Week 10 | Andrew Qu

  1. Hey Andrew!

    Definitely agree with you that going to the Fab Lab is a breath of fresh air from the conventional classroom setting. Also, I would love to hear more about the brand you and your partner are creating! That sounds really cool. Hope you continue to utilize the Fab Lab to prototype or just to help you advance in the creation of your brand!

  2. Totally agree with you Andrew, while the digital embroidery may not be a huge aspect of some final projects, it is definitely an awesome resource to learn about! My favorite part about the embroidery was being able to have the time to design multiple things, as the machines did not need our direct attention unless the thread was going to get caught. Really glad we got to use the FabLab for all of these cool new skills!

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