Semester Project Update

This semester Paige Lee and I have teamed up and our workings towards a problem that we don’t think of until it happens to us almost everyday if we regularly wear glasses. Image wearing your glasses and trying to lay down on a sofa or your bed in between classes just to watch a the most recent Snapchat videos or scroll through Facebook before you have to continue on with your day. As soon as you lay on your side your glasses get pushed across your face and now your vision is block by your glasses rather than your vision being improved with them on. So our solution is to create something that one can attached to the side of their frames so the device can prevent the glasses from moving when someone lays down. Wearing glasses now a days is a trend so there are more people that wear their glasses over contacts regularly now. This problem effects a larger group of people in this generation.

Currently we have been working through many iteration of prototypes for a design for this device and even studying up on possible materials that we can either line the 3D printed device with or even possibly print with a softer material that will help this device be of more use right off the bat rather than it just be used as a prototype made of an almost plastic materiel that would be uncomfortable when attached to your face. We have been using Fusion 360 for out iterations since it is a program we have focused on in class. The program has proven to be very helpful as it is easy to use.

One thought on “Semester Project Update

  1. Harina,
    As a frequent glasses wear, I am 100% behind this idea. I also have a suggestion for your project. If it could somehow fit your current design, you should as LED lights to the glasses piece so that the user could also use the glasses piece to read books or magazines in bed. Just a thought.

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