Ideation of DMS Semester Projection

For my semester project, I decided that I wanted to explore with electrical applications of the innovative culture produced by the Digital Making Seminar.  I plan to use some type of CPU board (I’m between arduino and researching intel Galileo) in order to program a camera to capture the instigator of a tripped motion sensor.  There are certain analog sensors that combine the camera feature as well as the motion sensor, though I am open to using some usb connected camera.

Should I choose to go with an arduino:
I would learn to communicate between the iPhone/iTouch app TouchOSC via a WiFi network to a Processing sketch displaying graphics and finally to control an Arduino board.
A useful function: sleepNow() allows the arduino to ‘sleep’ or operate at a minimal power consumption until some input ‘wakes’ it up, so that it can be on for long periods of time.

In order to store this data, I would use a microSD card or try to use wifi to send the pictures straight to an iPhone.  I am still in the research phase, which means that though this is the plan as of now, it is subject to change according to the method that is most effective for this objective.  In order to encompass multiple forms of making, I will also try to 3D print a case for my project for aesthetics as well as practicality.

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