Update on Semester Project

I find myself strategically laying my head against my pillow when I lye in bed on my phone before going to sleep so that my glasses don’t move out of place. So Harina and I have been working with the idea of creating some sort of insert to place around your glasses so that they won’t move when you lay your head down. This project will not solve all of the world’s problems, but it’s certainly something I, and all other glasses-wearing people in our generation, would find useful. So far I’ve made this design for a prototype on Fusion 360:


The slit in the middle is basically where the side of your glasses is supposed to go. SO that when pressure is exerted on the outside of your glasses, the cushioned part on the inside is able to push back and keep your glasses in place. At least that’s the idea, I’ve got to print this model first and see what adjustments would need to be made. We are also looking to experiment with the flexible material Vishal had mentioned we have in the lab. He had mentioned that some people had previously made a ball with the material and the ball was able to bounce. I think this sort of material would be perfect for my project since the traditional plastic we use would be uncomfortable. We don’t need anything super soft, just something with at least a little give. I’ll let you guys know how this turns out after I print it!

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