Final Semester Activity Update

Jack and I have decided to use our combined expertise to create a unique helmet for an upcoming DJ performance. We believe this will add a special visual effect to the performance, much like the helmets used by the artists DeadMau5 and Daft Punk. The skills we have learned in class through the manipulation of multiple materials are a great fit for a project such as this. We plan on using flexible materials in the fab lab to create a skull casing to specifically fit my head. We will use foam or other soft materials we find in the lab for the interior, and we will 3D print the hard outer casing. We will also raster imagery on acrylic and create a light-up faceplate. Jack will be the head of design for our project, and I will serve as creative director. We plan on going for a robotic look for the helmet based off design used in popular media such as the Halo video game series, as well as those used in ancient medieval battles.  We also plan on implementing LED’s somewhere on the helmet. Electronic music and performance art are two things we have always both felt passionate about and have a mutual interest in. Nick has also been researching music production and its software over the course of the semester and plans on using this knowledge for the competition as well.

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