Prior to this class session, I only had an extremely basic theoretical understanding of what it meant to solder. However, it became clear that it required relatively little engineering background to become somewhat proficient with the process. Soldering is extremely important if someone wants to begin exploring DIY electronics, and is crucial to the actual creation of components.

Learning to solder in class only serves to further the maker mindset that has been so prevalent in the last couple class sessions. Students have been able to create with their own hands and use their own ideas to bring some sort of component of end product to life.

Moving forward, applying the soldering skill will be absolutely required in creating a final product in our semester project. Simple components will need to be connected and secured in a housing that could also be fabricated using skills we’ve learned in this course. Looking forward to learning more every class session!


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  1. The past few lessons I’ve wondered why we were doing certain activities, but you put it best in saying these activities further the maker mindset. It’s not just about 3D printing, but also being able to use other materials and gadgets as well to make your creation. Great post!

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