Week 7 Reflection

This week, our group got to work with the sewing machine. It was very exciting for me because I am the type of person who have never made anything on my own hand even though I do think I have a artistic talent.

In order to “print” on the embroidery machine, you first have to pick the picture your want to print, you basically download a jpg/gif document on the internet and then open it on a software named “SewArt”. Using that software, you are able to decide on the printing size, reduce the number of printing colors so that the machine would be able to do a better job, and also merge/delete some tiny parts that won’t necessary have an impact on the whole picture. I have chosen a picture of a very cute monkey for this time because this year is the year of Monkey in China.

Once you are done with editing the picture using SewArt software, save it as a spe document and copy it to a USB drive and them paste it to the computer that is connected to the sewing machine. And then the sewing machine will be able to read from the computer and start printing your stuff. The picture I chose was kind of complicated and had quite a few colors so I had to change the thread when it’s done printing certain colored parts.


I think students being able to print this kind of small objects it’s important. There are a lot of organization/sororities on campus, and there is a need for them to decide on their logo and able to print it and see it in physically at a relatively low cost before they mass produce say T-shirts with logos. I guess the existence of the Fab Lab makes that possible. Also, I think Fab Lab is a place where you can examine your creativity, a lot of the backpacks and dresses there are made by hand. And where we are taking the class, there were people coming to use the machines and software to help their own design or project and I think that’s awesome.

Now that I have learned how to use the sewing machine, I guess I will add more artistic component to my semester project — adjustable cup holder. Maybe the outside layer of the holder can be covered with a¬†embroidery art.


13 thoughts on “Week 7 Reflection

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  10. Your point about student organizations on campus is an awesome one. The resources found at the Fab Lab are immense and yet I feel quite under used or undermarketed. I think if students were more aware of what could be done at the Fab Lab at their prices, they would flock to the building day and night.

  11. Hey, I agree that sewing machine is a great and low-cost tool for organizations to create the logo or transfer any ideas into physical staffs, but I think the machine might work less efficiently on complex designs with multiple colors. What’s your thought on the functions of sewing machine? How does it help your project?

  12. Hey, I enjoyed the post! I completely agree with you in that there are many groups on campus that would benefit from this technology. Any organization would be grateful to have their designs on apparel, and this is an easy fast way to get that done!

  13. Hi! Your design is awesome. I really admire your ambition to go for a colorful picture. How was it having the change threads that much? Did it get easier as you went along?

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