Week 5 | Andrew Qu

The last two class sessions have been primarily focused on gaining proficiency with Fusion 360. In the first class session, we started with the basics of the software and made our first 3d model, a pen tip. It was a great learning experience and led to new insights about how objects are designed as well as how those designs tie in with construction. After class, I went home and re-created the model I printed a couple weeks prior.

Skelly Keychain v1

(Head and body are separate entities)

This past week,we did more work with more complicated structures. The session guided us through the modeling of a simple lamp. By doing so, I gained a deeper understanding of the tools within the software and more complex uses.

Lamp v2

I’ve very much enjoyed these hand on experiences and am looking forward future classes at the FabLab. Every learning experience so far has broadened my horizons regarding making and creating, whether it be the introduction of new ideas and knowledge, or reaffirmation of previously gained concepts. Thinking in the terms of maker requires a large mindset change, but I feel that I am making good progress towards that end.

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