Ready, steady, GO!

 New CAD software, new ideas, new designs. Part 1 of 2. (Part 2 coming soon)
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Having been introduced to Fusion360 over the past 2 weeks, I’ve followed a few tutorials to practice the key CAD capabilities available through this software (free to download, have a play around!). (Tutorials here). Most notable about using fusion is that while parametric modeling is still very key to producing most models, there is also a free-form sculpting function where shapes can be sculpted and molded by push/pull actions.



As seen in this tutorial, the free-form tool can be used push pull designs into all kinds of fluid shapes and forms.

Here (below) are some headphones I designed following tutorials, entirely through the free-form sculpting function. The lamp was created through mostly parametric modelling.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 03.41.17

Note: when using the free-form sculpting, particular care must be taken to ensure that when molding your shape, not to cross the shape into itself otherwise you’ll receive an error when you get to the end of your sculpt session. Very painful if you’ve spent some time one it. A lot of re-work, and I learnt the hard way.


In comparison to other  Engineering CAD packages (Solidworks, Creo, Catia) that I’ve come across, Fusion is a relatively easy piece of software to use, user intuitive and navigable, but does lack high end features available in the other CAD softwares that I’ve mentioned. It’s probably my go-to now for everyday designing though. Rendering designs also works a treat, with a basic library of materials and full scope of lighting effects that can be utilised.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 03.45.08

These are all possible designs in Fusion360. I best get practicing…


So what next? We have 3D printers, and Fusion360. Obviously time to get designing!


3 thoughts on “Ready, steady, GO!

  1. Hey Lois!
    Pretty cool that you’ve had exposure to other CAD programs. From your comparisons, I’m assuming Fusion is probably the go-to for beginners, but the amount of detail that can be put into each design is still pretty extensive! Your lamp and headphones designs are really cool!

  2. Oh Wow! Your creations are really pretty! Do you think that your experience with other softwares help you in using Fusion 360?

  3. Hey Lois,

    I haven’t really worked with any other CAD software, but I highly respect your opinion regarding Fusion 360. It’s good to know that someone who’s used other design tools plans to use this software for everyday design, as I myself would consider this to be my only option, really. Thanks for your insight!

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