#5 New Day. New Program

Throughout this week and last week we had a major crash course in Autodesk Fusion 360, while it was quite fast passed we had a lot of fun learning it and it was very informative and helpful. We learned how to make a lamp from beginning to end this last Monday and the Monday before that we were taught all the basic functions and keys to help navigate us throughout the fusion 360 platform. I was able to recreate the item I printed out in class during out 2nd week of class, which was a wine bottle opener. I was really fascinating to see how simple and user friendly Fusion 360 is. I have a very strong background in a few Autodesk product like AutoCAD, Revit, and Rhinoceros therefore a lot of what we learned in class felt like a review. Other things we went over though really amazed me. The simplicity of Fusion 360 and user friendly platform really won me over. Fusion is much simpler than many of the other software’s I use but still enhance enough to where we can design and create crazy awesome products.

With all the new things we learned we able to make our own little object, and then start to think of things and start designing our own semester project for this Digital making class. Paige Lee and I were discussing problems we have in our everyday lives. One of the things we thought about was how when someone who is wearing glasses attempts to lay down on his or her bed to just watch a little TV and scroll through Facebook for a bit. When we try to lay down on our sides with the glasses on we find that our glass get pushed over and all we see is the frames of our glasses rather than being able to see though the lens into ours screen. we realized its a very first world problem,but this class is about experimenting and having fun and we think this problem is something that many people are realizing these days.

What we want to do now is create a device that we can attempt to attach to the side of our glasses to prevent them from shifting over as one turns to their sides on the bed. This device will most like have to made from something other than the plastic material that is in the 3D printers in out lab currently therefore we will have to try playing other much softer materials. This experiment with materials will also add and new more interesting dynamic to our end product and all the iterations that we will develop over the rest of the semester.

2 thoughts on “#5 New Day. New Program

  1. Harina I have the same problem as Ran Jin! This is a really useful project idea, I think almost everyone with glasses has experienced this at some point. If the small device seems a bit too simple or you have your prototype done quickly, maybe you could eventually model full frames by the end of the semester! Really looking forward to see this!

  2. I like your project ideas because I wear glasses and face the same issue. While the design might be simple, it could change the way of life. I expect to see prototpye! Fusion 360 will be a good resource to support your design progress.

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