Week 5 Reflection

Over the past two classes, students had the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Fusion 360. Unfortunately, my initial encounter with the software was delayed because my laptop wouldn’t allow me to download the software until I installed updates. However, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Autodesk’s Lucas Ewing on Monday, February 15th. Although interesting, I found it quite difficult to keep up with Ewing’s lecture on Fusion 360. Later that week, I played around with the software on my own and quickly became frustrated. I had no idea what I was doing!

During next Monday’s class, my frustration with Fusion 360 began to dissipate after Gina Taylor and Nicole Chimienti’s tutorial on how to construct a lamp.  Even though I had to continually ask for help from both the lecturers and my peers, I became a lot more confident in my ability to design using the Fusion 360 software. By the end of class, I ended up with a pretty sweet-looking lamp. Check it out below!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.25.05 PM

Through the use of the render tool, I changed the material of the lamp as well as its color. To me, this is one of the coolest features Fusion 360 has to offer. Once class was over, I was left contemplating different ideas on how to move forward with this newfound knowledge. The impact this software can make on one’s life is astounding. Now, I have the ability to tweak existing products to my personal liking. On a much larger level, however, I want to design innovative products that can help alleviate the human condition such as a purifying straw. My hope would be to have this product mass produced and available to individuals who don’t have access to clean water. Before I can aspire to this, I need to become well versed with Fusion 360. My short-term goal is to use this software to create relatively easy, generic objects and work my way up until I’m proficient.

The importance of the Fusion 360 software is significant. It serves as a platform that enables individuals to design almost anything. My experience with Fusion 360 has expanded my narrow mindset into an open abyss of endless possibilities.

3 thoughts on “Week 5 Reflection

  1. That’s a really cool idea for a project! I think it’s great that 3d modeling software can enable someone with an idea to come up with a product design, and use 3dp to quickly create a mockup or prototype. Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas in the future.

  2. Hey Josh!
    Yeah I agree, the initial exposure I had to Autodesk Fusion 360 was quite confusing and even now I still feel quite unfamiliar with all the tools offered in the program. There are so many different tutorials available online detailing design on objects we see every day! Which I think is pretty cool

  3. Josh,
    I’d agree that the Fusion 360 tutorials were a bit difficult to keep up with, however, I was able to learn the most about the software through trial and error and exploring Fusion on my own. The render tool was also one of my favorites as it was much easier to actually picture my creation coming to life when it was made up of realistix textures and materials.

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