3D printing: The New Move?


I’m going to be honest, 3d printing (3Dp) seemed kinda silly to me. Not having direct interaction with the field, all I was able to see from those who were involved in the technology were small keychains, toys & knick knacks, and your occasional functional item, like a comb. However, foregoing a required course, I decided to pick up this class because I promised myself to try new things this year—especially in the field of technology. After being introduced to what Making is conceptually, I think I might see an opportunity here. In the case of 3Dp, though the technology itself is not new, its applications are. Listening to the lecture given my John Hornick this week, I was able to learn about different types of applications 3Dp is useful for. Though I wouldn’t entirely say I classify 3Dp as a “disruptive game changer” as I’m not sure if I’m sold on its significance, I would point out that some people probably doubted the wheel.

My Interests

I’m a big software focused person, consequentially, I haven’t been able to really get involved with hardware. I want to change that through this course. After our first class I quickly consulted some of my double E friends and started brainstorming on possible projects that I could work on this semester. I was interested in working on a drone a couple semesters back but that idea, I believe, is out of the scope of what this class can offer. I came up with a couple ideas that, coupled with an arduino and maybe a raspberry, pi, just might work. I’m excited to share with the class the next time we meet!


Here’s something cool I found on twitter. A dog that lost his limbs to a lawnmower gets a 3D printed limb! Click the picture for more information.