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A-Typical is the New Typical

Two U of I students and best friends, S.H. and K-Ho, pose for a picture on the Main Quad.

Students at the University of Illinois are Anything But Typical.

Marginalization is something that is present and still exists today on the University of Illinois’ campus. Students of different backgrounds are all impacted by this marginalization on a daily basis. Sometimes, these struggles do not make their school experience easy. However, these invisible issues make each person unique in their own way, and ultimately, this shapes them into what we define as an “a-typical” student.

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The Accessible Experience

Illinois is often regarded as the most accessible campus in the nation. But, how exactly did we deserve this title? For our project, we explored the various levels of how and why we have repeatedly been called the most accessible university in the country, and how far we still have to go in order to really be fully accessible. We were able to speak with students with varying levels of disabilities, as well as professors, assistants, and other experts on the subject that were able to give us a lot of great information on how much further we really have to go. Throughout the different levels of our project, we hope that you can see how advanced we already are, and where we may be heading in the near future.

Check out our project here. 

Group Members:

Roger Blanco

Samantha McQueen

Maggie Sullivan

Thomas Polcyn

Be the Power

Sexual assault is a problem that has plagued our world for a long time, but we can help survivors by becoming educated in what sexual assault is and how to prevent an attack from happening.  From learning about how sexual assaults makes survivors feel from the moment it happens to their journey through recovery, we can see how survivors need to be supported every step of the way. This website should show you these steps you can take to become a better supporter for a survivor.


Team Members:

Angela Kerndl
Tim Griffin


Cassandra Smith

The Diverse Voices of UIUC

Diversity is an issue that is growing in importance to the world as a whole, and also more specifically, to college campus. Diversity, being the tricky subject that it is, is one of much debate and speculation. Across the campus at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, efforts are, and have been, ongoing that aim to increase diversity, as well as embrace the already existent diversity. What types of people are looking to increase diversity on campus, and how are they going about doing that?  Check out what we found, here.

Not My University

The African-American struggle for both inclusiveness and representation at the University of Illinois has a long-running background, dating back prior to the start of Project 500—a public demand to admit more Africimg_5771an-American and Latino students into the university.

An inspirational video Project 500 Then and Now, created by other UIUC students, explicitly shows in what ways this is true.

But the dance of balancing African-American inclusiveness as well as the autonomy of having strength in numbers is a delicate one that requires a combination of administrative savvy and a grassroots-styled persuasion of people of color. As one of the  Black bodies in a predominantly White institution, one cannot help but wonder what exactly the University of Illinois means when it heralds, “Inclusion” as if students are impersonalized assorted flavors of some politically correct cocktail.

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Voices from the Field

On an off the field, student athletes serve as role models. Athletes, as public figures, have a platform that can be used to publicly voice opinions.  Historically, athletes have been using this platform to stand up for social issues. One of the most historic athlete protests took place at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics when two runners held up a “black power” fist. Since then, athletes have been taking a stand.

Recently, football player Colin Kaepernick took a kneel during the national anthem at a game. He kneeled in solidarity of the country’s racial injustice. His protest has lead many more teams and athletes to do the same.

When student athletes are brought into the public light, the question is posted, are athletes role models? We focused on the voices of student athletes and coaches to determine their views on this matter. You can view our website here.

Technology : Benefit and Distraction.

Shaq Lanhorne


366002_0Technology has become second- nature to my generation. We are consumed by digital devices with internet capability and social media websites. Our infatuation with  these ‘free’ applications is altering the way we live our lives. We no longer eat, dress, speak, exercise, interact, share information, form relationships, attend meetings, or even learn the same. We are crippled by the thought of not having our mobile devices surgically attached to our bodies. In fact the feeling of panic that one experiences when reaching for their phone and being unable to find it is unreasonable.  We’ve all felt our heart drop because of the thought of losing a disposable item that keeps us connected to the rest of the world. Sounds familiar right?

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A Transformation through Education

The Education Justice Project

Prisoners can often be given the stigma of indispensable by our society’s standards today. While the United States is #1 in number of incarcerations, where do we stand on actually reforming these individuals? On making them valuable members of society and changing them for the better?

The mission of the The Education Justice Project, also know as EJP, is build a model for in-prison education system that exemplifies the beneficial impacts of higher learning education.

When an individual’s given access to educational programming they really begin to see how valuable they are as a human being and begin to see how valuable their intellectual contributions are so that kind of when you’re granted access into that notion, they will typically want to continue to see themselves grow in that way. EJP allows these students the opportunity to TRANSFORM not only themselves but most everyone who is involved with the program. 

EJP instead of focusing on that past prides itself on focusing on the potential and not enough of that kind of focus within our criminal justice system- a lot of times because we don’t find they’re deserving of having that kind of system.

EJP Students engaging in a class assignment.
EJP Students engaging in a class assignment.

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The Lessons I’ve Learned Through Multimedia Journalism

It is really hard to believe that the end of the semester is upon us. It feels like just yesterday we were receiving our cameras and equipment, clueless as to what we were all in for. Going into this class, I had minimal knowledge of video editing, and even less knowledge on how to operate a camera properly. At first, I thought I might be in a little over my head. Over the course of the semester, I came across many conflicts, but learned to overcome them. Because by now everybody knows Professor Collins’ #1 rule, DON’T MISS DEADLINE!

Looking back on it now, I can honestly say this class has taught me a lot, and it goes well beyond learning how to take pictures and edit them together. With the help of Professor Collins and my fellow classmates, I was able to improve my conflict resolution skills immensely. That actually seemed to be the theme of the semester. Whether it was a memory card gone missing, film recording without working audio, I seemed to always find myself facing an issue. I think the best thing I will take away from this class is my newfound knack for resolving conflicts. This class allowed me to take my schoolwork, and bring it anywhere I wanted. The fact that I was able to do some of my favorite things like play baseball and basketball, AND get my work done at the same time, it was a dream come true. Let’s take a closer look at the semester.

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