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Face Domestic Abuse in Academia

When domestic abuse happens on campus

By Haoyuan Gao

Domestic abuse is always a private topic at present society. However, when it takes place on campus, it is no longer just a violent crime, but as well as an academic issue.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In a common sense, domestic abuse takes place within a family. College education is the first time for those young adults live on their own and deal with relationships each other.

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Technology : Benefit and Distraction.

Shaq Lanhorne


366002_0Technology has become second- nature to my generation. We are consumed by digital devices with internet capability and social media websites. Our infatuation with  these ‘free’ applications is altering the way we live our lives. We no longer eat, dress, speak, exercise, interact, share information, form relationships, attend meetings, or even learn the same. We are crippled by the thought of not having our mobile devices surgically attached to our bodies. In fact the feeling of panic that one experiences when reaching for their phone and being unable to find it is unreasonable.  We’ve all felt our heart drop because of the thought of losing a disposable item that keeps us connected to the rest of the world. Sounds familiar right?

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A Transformation through Education

The Education Justice Project

Prisoners can often be given the stigma of indispensable by our society’s standards today. While the United States is #1 in number of incarcerations, where do we stand on actually reforming these individuals? On making them valuable members of society and changing them for the better?

The mission of the The Education Justice Project, also know as EJP, is build a model for in-prison education system that exemplifies the beneficial impacts of higher learning education.

When an individual’s given access to educational programming they really begin to see how valuable they are as a human being and begin to see how valuable their intellectual contributions are so that kind of when you’re granted access into that notion, they will typically want to continue to see themselves grow in that way. EJP allows these students the opportunity to TRANSFORM not only themselves but most everyone who is involved with the program. 

EJP instead of focusing on that past prides itself on focusing on the potential and not enough of that kind of focus within our criminal justice system- a lot of times because we don’t find they’re deserving of having that kind of system.

EJP Students engaging in a class assignment.
EJP Students engaging in a class assignment.

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Inclusivity Illinois?

U of I: #BlackLivesMatter

After the Decision on the Ferguson case, students at U of I Protest

By, Senait Gebregiorgis.

U of I students march on campus in honor of Michael Brown
U of I students march on campus in honor of Michael Brown

On November 24th, the grand jury voted to not indict officer Darren Wilson for the murder of African-American teen Michael Brown. Michael Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson on August 9th of 2014 while visiting a corner store near a gas station.

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We Are One: Inclusion Inside and Outside the Classroom

By: Lauren Jonen

University of Illinois campus
University of Illinois campus

The University of Illinois strives to be a diverse, inclusive institution and is focused on being innovative in hiring diverse leaders all while developing an inclusive campus climate. This includes both individual and collective commitment in order to obtain the highest amount of success. The campus is hard at work to try and implement a more diverse faculty pool. Other goals include assisting underrepresented students in order to help them develop high academic achievements.

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No More: You Have the Power

Produced by: Steven Bardwell

In October of 1987, domestic violence awareness month was created.  Ever since, domestic violence outlets and agencies have been emerging throughout the country, providing a place for survivors to gain control of their situations.

At the University of Illinois, the campus is coming together as a whole to provide students with the necessary outlets to escape their hostile environments.  Not only is the University providing these outlets, but it has made the pledge to stand behind the victims and respect whichever direction they decide to go.

Pamphlets (Tight)

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Inclusive Illinois: Seeing Past the Disability and Looking at the Person

Inclusive Illinois 


When the University of Illinois launched their new motto of “Inclusive Illinois,” many believed that this was brought up by the array of events that were tied with race on campus. From the racist tweets against Chancellor Phyllis Wise last year to the Salaita controversy, race has been very apparent on the campus. So when we think of “Inclusive Illinois,” we think of race, maybe even being inclusive of the LGBTQ community, or religion, but many times, we do not think of people with disabilities.

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How Social Media is Helping & Hindering Our Milennials

In this society, if you do not have social media you may be considered an outcast. Cellphones have been in emergence for almost a decade, but with the constant release of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, young people are spending a significant amount of time on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram allowing them to withdrawal from the world.


With the heavy use of social media amongst the younger generations, there has been a shift in how the milennials retrieve information, interact with their peers, and portray themselves.

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How Inclusive is Illinois’ Commitment?

The University of Illinois prides itself on its diversity, as it is home to students from all over the county and internationally who bring different perspectives and experiences. Yet some students are questioning just how inclusive the Illinois campus is to its diverse population.

How open are the arms of the Alma Mater to students at the University?


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