Accessible Design for Illini Orange (yes, we can!)

Learn how to incorporate accessible design into your creative workflow. We will cover color contrast, font sizes, content hierarchy, images, text on images, alt text, and mobile and keyboard access. We’ll go over examples and provide cheat sheets that content creators and graphic designers can use.

A Friday morning Caffeine Break webinar.

Melissa Waller, Director of Web Development, College of ACES

University of Illinois graduate in graphic design.

Currently, co-chair of the Web Implementation Guidelines Group (WIGG), a cross-campus group of web designers, developers, accessibility experts, UX researchers and designers, content creators, and so much more! We are designing, developing, and testing the new Illinois campus web themes for WordPress, Drupal, and HTML options.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to Join our Team. We have channels to talk about content, accessibility, analytics, and so much more!