Stan, Milena, Claudia, and Juan help lead Workshop on Community Design and Innovation in Tumaco, Colombia

Following up on the workshop in January 2018 in Guaviare, Colombia, four members of the lab helped to deliver in August 2019 a series of sessions on imagining a better future. Approximately 100 people from Tumaco and vicinity, as well as elsewhere in Colombia, spent two weeks working on 10 design projects on topics such as luxury cacao production, making musical instruments, children’s playgrounds, and the fashion industry. At the same time, we worked on achieving an improved understanding the value systems of the various participants from Tumaco.

Juan and Gerry at EAD 2019 in Dundee, Scotland

Juan Del La Rosa and Gerry Derksen’s paper entitled,” Design Research through simulated social complexity methods: An agent-based approach to the construction of design knowledge “, will be presented at the 2019 EAD Conference in Dundee Scotland by Dr. Juan Salamanca who is leading the project on Agent Based Modeling Systems for bicycles. Look for the paper in the conference proceedings published by Taylor and Francis.

Stan gives invited talks and workshop at KEA in Copenhagen

Stan was a visiting scholar for the month of March at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), hosted by Petra Ahde-Deal of the Wearables lab. He gave two public talks: one on the use of prototyping to investigate concepts; the other on design for peace and reconciliation in Colombia. He also ran a workshop on using prototypes to define and address research questions.

Stan pitches VR for education in drug design

On Sept 17, 2018, Stan pitched a project to the 5th Health Care Engineering Systems Symposium on using VR to teach medical students about drug design, as well as how specific drugs work. The proposal builds on two years of work Stan did with a mathematical chemist (David Minh) up at IIT. Basically, the person wearing the VR headset can see the protein they hope to interfere with, and try various attachment sites for the ligand. Here is the short video (1 min 30 sec) of the presentation.

Juan de la Rosa attended the Design for Policy Making Conference in Brussels

The EU has been working in the last couple of years on a project of policy-making, not as a reactive activity, but rather as a planned process that facilitates the construction of a ‘preferred’ future for their communities (build through a collaborative process). As part of this project, the EU government has opened several Design Labs throughout the European countries, where designers, foresight professionals, and policy-makers meet up to produce new knowledge about the future. The FTA2018, Future-Oriented Technology Analysis Conference presents the advances on the last projects for systemic change in the EU. A great experience that shows that designers can be involved in a large scale systemic change!