Stan invited to speak in Dalian, China on knowledge creation in design

From Nov 23 to Nov 29, 2017 Stan was a guest at the Dalian University of Technology. He presented the following talk:

What is New Knowledge in Design?
Many design practitioners would rightly claim that research is a part of practice. For example, in order to produce a new design, it is often useful to learn about the people who will use the design, which involves research about people. In order to get the configuration of a design into a satisfactory condition, it is necessary to consider materials, the manufacturing process, requirements for styling, and so on, all of which involve research about the components of the design. However, research from design practice is usually not intended to produce a generalized understanding. For that to happen, it is useful to introduce additional questions like what theories are we attempting to build, what do those theories predict, and how can we best validate the theories by testing their predictions? In this talk, we will examine, using a series of examples, how new knowledge is created through design research, and how design practice can potentially contribute.