Recent Research and Results

Learnings and Lessons from long-term flux monitoring of cropping systems across two continents.

RockFACE: Enhanced Weathering by Food and Fuel Crops under Free-Air Concentration Enrichment in the Midwest.

Carbon Balances of Agricultural Ecosystems and Their Management: Measurements at Hectare to Farm Scale.

Direct Field Measurement and Downstream Data Assessment for Enhanced Rock Weathering CDR Estimation in Illinois, USA.

Climate vs energy security: quantifying the tradeoffs of BECCS deployment and overcoming opportunity costs on set-aside land.

Root Demographics of Three Bioenergy Crops: How Energy Sorghum Compares to Maize and Miscathus.

Carbon losses and gains from agricultureal ecosystems – what happened, where are we, and where do we go from here?

Immoble Trace Element Based Enhanced Rock Weathering Soil Measurements of Carbon Reductions in the US Midwest

Comparing Three ecosystem CO2 Flux Measurement Methods Across Spatial and Temporal Scales at a SMARTFARM Corn Production System in Illinois, USA

Soil organic carbon determines spatial variability in nitrous oxide hot moments at the field scale

The carbon and water impacts of pasture conversion to sugarcane in Southeastern US

Potential for additional climate stabilization from enhanced rock weathering

Agrivoltaics (AVs) for combined renewable energy and food production

Evaluating cover crop planting date effects on the ecological sustainability of energy sorghum

Spatial and temporal variation of soil CO2 and N2O fluxes, and environmental drivers, in a highly-instrumented SMARTFARM corn field in Illinois, USA

Stable Isotope Labeling as a Tool to Advance the Development of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems

Soil Respiration of Three Bioenergy Crops: How Energy Sorghum Compares to Maize and Miscanthus